CTC Releases Report in to the Causes of 3D Ghosting

Cinema Technology Community
Barcelona, Spain ( June 25, 2019 ) -

Cinema Technology Community (CTC), the not-for-profit independent cinema technology organisation has announced the publication of its eagerly awaited report in to the causes of 3D crosstalk.

Through extensive research into content creation and auditorium technology including all elements of the light path, the report finds that whilst no single piece of equipment (port glass, projector, 3D system, 3D screen and eye wear) is necessarily responsible for the introduction of 3D ghosting any and all elements in the light path can have a contributing effect inside of a closed ecosystem.

The research also suggests that whilst content itself does not inherently contain ghosting, the way in which it is created and mastered can, when shown in certain ecosystems introduce ghosting through crosstalk inherently in the light path of projection and 3D equipment.

Through the findings of the report, CTC believes that it is incumbent upon cinema exhibitors to ensure that they are operating regular maintenance programs to ensure that all equipment is in good working order and where necessary work with their integration partners or product manufacturers to identify faults where these occur. It is also essential that content creators have a strong understanding of real-world cinema conditions and are testing 3D content in a variety of environments prior to release to ensure that content seen during the post-production process is replicated inside of commercial cinema environments.

“By raising awareness of this issue, CTC believes it can provide a forum to bring the industry together and hopefully help to ensure that movie-goers throughout the world have the best possible 3D experience, explains Richard Mitchell, President of CTC. “Beyond this report, CTC aims to continue to investigate this topic with partners in exhibition and distribution with a view to continuing to provide knowledge-sharing for the wider industry,” he adds.

CTC’s report in to The Causes of 3D Ghosting is available to CTC members via the exclusive members content area on the web site.

For further information on CTC including membership opportunities, visit www.cinema-technology.com or email info@cinema-technology.com

About CTC
CTC, the global cinema network, is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that aims to assist the cinema industry in recognizing the importance that cinema technology and indeed the way in which it’s utilized can have a profoundly positive effect on the movie-going experience.

As well as providing guidance and support, CTC engages in a number of activities aimed at educating and improving the cinema experience. These include training courses, lectures, technical handbooks, educational visits, seminars, web seminars, networking events, projectionist certification (in conjunction with the UKCA) and one of the industry’s leading technical journals, Cinema Technology Magazine.

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