CJ Cinema News Digest – Tuesday 28 February 2017

IMAX reups with Disney through 2019, Bona Film Group will install 30 IMAX screens in China, Reading Cinemas orders a drink, RealD buys MasterImage, Volfoni expands in Egypt, CJ 4DPlex expands in Austria, MediaMation grows in China, “Newsies” is a hit…

CJ China Cinema News – Thursday 12 January 2017

CJ China Cinema News is back, looking at stolen BO, consolidation in 2017, staffing & training woes, a Trump year ahead, BBC goes Imax, Wanda opens 200th Imax screen, lost iPhones, private cinema prosecuted, China Intercom and Dadi, plus blind “see” cinema….

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 14 November 2016

China screens overtake US, Reading suitor revealed, MM2 buys in Malaysia, Ymagis controls DSat, Indian cinema rupee woes, Empire debt-free, Warner joins German ticketing platform, Imax VR funding, Europa Cinema awards, ideal viewing position in cinema, Qube Wire launched, Arclight & Meyer sound, Cinemark, Xscape and Consolidated openings, chapel cinema, “Billy Lynn” post-mortem….

China Box Office Fraud – Too Big To Ignore

Major box office fraud appears to be behind the success of martial arts blockbuster “Ip Man 3” with Chinese media and authorities finally tackling the well known problem. …

How Sustainable Is The Chinese Cinema Market?

In 2011 the average ticket price in China was CNY ¥37 (USD $5.62) but by 2015 this had fallen to nearly CNY ¥35 (USD $5.32) despite the growth of Imax and premium screens and the increase in cinema ticket prices…

China to Crack Down on Box Office Fraud

Chinese authorities are cracking down on box office fraud, with severe punishments for cinemas, ticket software vendors or apps caught siphoning off BO….

China Cinema Digest – Thursday 15 October 2015

Now that the sheen has come off China’s stock market and overall economic growth, hard questions are starting to be asked about the success of China’s cinema box office. Reuters is the latest to have woken up to the fact…

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