CJ Cinema Digest – Friday 17 June 2016

By Patrick von Sychowski | June 17, 2016 9:01 am PDT
China cinema lobby tickets

China mobile ticketing beats US, US cinema decline, pricey NYC tickets, Ymagis buys Synchronproduktion, France’s le Fete du Cinema, Inox and Paytm, Fox HDR challenge to cinemas, Sony twin projectors, Polish bed cinema, Australian cinema toilet filming, Everyman King’s Cross, Conjuring 2 possessions and death. 

Tropic Cinema

Want to work for “the Best Cinema in Florida” (TripsAdvisor)? The non-profit Key West Film Society is looking for a Executive Director for the Tropic Cinema. More details and how to apply HERE

China – The Wrap listicles ‘5 Reasons Why China Buys Way More Online Movie Tickets Than US‘ as 80% of cinema tickets are sold online in the former, but only 25% in the latter. In brief, in China cinema tickets are sold online at subsidised rates, online sellers are losing money, most American’s prefer to buy last-minute at the box office, Chinese technology is leapfrogging US and infrastructure is more backwards in North America. The Wrap – 15 June 2016

Sequels 2016

USA – Vanity Fair Spain looks at declining cinema attendance, noting that this year could see the lowest cinema visits per capita in 100 years for the United States. It the points out that all of this summer’s big flops are sequels. It then tells an interesting anecdote:

When James Cameron met with Fox executives to sell the sequel to Alien he just wrote the word “alien” on a blackboard. Then he added a S, paused dramatically and crossed the S with two vertical lines completing the symbol dollar . He turned and smiled proudly. Fox gave him all the money he requested to shoot it and Aliens swept the box office. James Cameron knows Hollywood very well and knew that for them it is that simple an equation: more bugs, more money.

I don’t know if it is true, but we are definitely seeing peak sequels. Vanity Fair (ES) – 16 June 2016

USA (NY) – Could the declining attendance be down to expensive tickets too? New Yorkers now have to pay around USD $20 for a regular 2D films with plain seats and 7.1 (or even 5.1) audio. New York Post – 16 June 2016

christa kistner synchronproduktion

Germany – Ymagis Group is expanding its presence in Germany with the acquisition of Christa Kistner Synchronproduktion GmbH (CKS), on eo fate leading film and television dubbing operations in Germany. Images is also investing in its sound facility in Berlin with the upcoming opening of Eclair’s first sound studio facilities in the German capitol. It will include two sound recording and one Dolby Atmos mixing facility. Press Release (PDF) – 16 June 2016

La Fete du Cinema 2016

FranceFete du Cinema will run form 26 to 29 June when all tickets will be prices just €4. Normally this is the price for anyone 14 or under, but 32nd time the festival it is held it is the price for all ages. Since its creation in 1985  Fete du Cinema has been responsible for 88 million entries. In 2015, however, attendance fell by 16% due to good weather and ticket prices going up from €3.50 to €4. The year before the World Cup hit attendance and football is expected to have a detrimental effect this year too. Le Parisien – 16 June 2016

India – Multiplex operator Inox has entered into an agreement with e-commerce platform Paytm to sell movie tickets. India is lagging China in mobile ticketing but starting to embrace it. Inbox will also raise awareness about yoga through a special#YogawithINOX on 21 June, which you all know is World Yoga Day. LiveMint – 16 June 2016


Fox's "Deadpool" UHD BD.
Not just colourful language – Fox’s “Deadpool” UHD BD.

USA (CA) – Fox Filmed Entertainments (FFE) CTO Hanno Basse has warned that cinemas are falling behind televisions in the home in terms of adopting high dynamic range (HDR) display capabilities. “Fox is hopeful that professional digital theaters will one day be able to handle all of the extra luminance and contrast benefits produced on 4K UHD TVs that conform to the new UHDA Premium format for home-based 4K UHD TVs.” Worth reading Q&A in full. HDGuru – 15 June 2016

Sony SRX-RS10DS – they’re like conjoined Cyclops twins. (photo: Sony)

UK – Sony has announced the availability of its new SRX-R510DS dual projector solution, which combines two SRX-R510 projectors, targeted at “smaller independent and boutique cinemas looking for a premium entertainment experience.” It will no doubt be showcased at the Sony booth and suite at next week’s CineEurope. Press Release – 17 June 2016

Outdoor Cinema

Kino ?ó?kowe Transatlantyk Festival
The ultimate recliner cinema – a bed. (photo: Grzegorz Galasinski / Nasze Miasto)

Poland – The first outdoor bed cinema has opened in Poland’s second city Lodz. 50 screening-equipped beds have been installed on Pietrkowski Street in the centre as part of the Bed Cinema Transatlantyk Festival. No word on what happens if it rains. Nasze Miasto – 15 June 2016

Law & Order

Australia – Last week an Australian man was nabbed for allegedly filming a boy in a cinema toilet in Canada. This week an Australian teen is accused of filming a 47-year old women in a toilet cubicle at a cinema in Sydney’s CBD. Seriously, Australia, can you explain this trend? ABC.net.au – 17 June 2016

Cinema Opening/Closings

Plimsoll - now with Everyman Cinema.
Plimsoll – now with Everyman Cinema.

UK – Everyman is installing a temporary 32-seat cinema in London’s King’s Cross ahead of the opening of a larger and permanent Everyman cinema next year. The Everyman on the Corner will be based in the Plimsoll Building and show up to three films a day. Opening on 12 July it will remain in operation for 16 months. Londonist – 16 June 2016



A woman in the Middle East is supposedly possessed after watching a screening of “The Conjuring 2”. Real or an attempt at viral marketing campaign? You be the judge. Worse even than that, a 60-year old man is said to have died watching the film in a cinema in Tamil Nadu. Coconuts Jakarta – 16 June 2016

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