Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 20 May 2015

By Patrick von Sychowski | May 20, 2015 2:42 am PDT
Cinema Paradiso Mk2 Paris

France – More details about the MK2 ‘Cinema Paradiso’ 11-day event planned for Paris’ Grande Palais, that we reported about last week. Much like Secret Cinema, the aim is to make it a brand and expand it to other cities: Madrid, London, Sao Paulo, New York. “Cinema Paradiso has also attracted Chanel as a sponsor. The fashion house will customize the bowling alley inside the Grand Palais for the festival. Budgeted at 3.5 million euros ($3.9 million), the festival provides MK2 with recurring revenues which are complementary to the exhibition and international sales biz, explained Karmitz.”  LINK

Germany – The largest cinema chains in Germany are planning a joint online cinema ticketing platform. Cinemaxx, Cinestar, Cineplex, Kinopolis and UCI are launching a joint venture together with film distributors that will be open to all cinema chains in Germany. In order to make the platform focused on films it will be free of any advertising. LINK

PVR Cinema

India – PVR’s shares rally on reports that it may acquire DLF Group’s DT Cinemas, with its 29 screens centred on Delhi, in a deal valued at around INR 5,000 million (USD $78.4 million). PVR had previously tried to buy DT in 2009. DT is set to grow to 39 screens by 2016.  LINK

UK – YPlan is offering half-price cinema tickets for Vue London cinemas until 7 July, valid for any 2D screening across. Price is GDP 7.00 instead of GBP £14.35. Not valid for Xtreme screen, but “you can pay the incremental difference at Vue to upgrade to 3D screenings or VIP seats.”  LINK


THX China

China (P.R.) – THX talks to Bloomberg about the attempt to resurrect the brand in Asia. “THX Executive Vice President of International Business Development and Global Brand Strategy Rene-Louis Cacciuttolo discusses THX roaring into Asia, the audio equipment certification process and his strategy for growth.”  LINK

USA (CA) – 20th Century Fox is the first Hollywood studio to commit to mastering all its future releases in high dynamic range (HDR) – but primarily targeting Ultra HD (UHD) television sets. “It also intends to make HDR UHD versions of its recent releases, including X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Maze Runner.” HDR specs and guidelines are still being worked out, but Fox intends to follow them once codified.  LINK


Germany – Many companies are fighting in the DCP delivery business in Europe; falling cost are also lowering barriers to entry. But further consolidation is inevitable. “IBM today announced that CinePostproduction, one of Germany’s leading post-production facilities, has deployed high-speed file transfer software from Aspera, an IBM Company, to speed the delivery of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) directly to cinemas.”  LINK


Japan 4DX

Japan – Sapporo United Cinemas in Sapporo, Hokkaido is installing 4DX seats. Opening is set for this summer. Price will be an extra ¥ 1,000 (USD $8.26) on top of the ticket price with ¥ 1,400 (USD $11.57) more if it is a 3D film.  LINK


China (P.R.C.) – Wanda Cinemas has installed  its “Wanda Hall 9” auditorium at Wujiaochang Wanda Cinema in Shanghai with Christie Vive Audio, the second cinema in China to do so. “”Wanda Hall 9″ is an exclusive class of cinema auditoriums targeted at movie aficionados. There are currently three such auditoriums located in Beijing and Shanghai.”  LINK

Indonesia – Christie has also found a Vive client in South East Asia. “Christie®, the global leader in visual displays and audio technologies, is proud to announce that Cinema 21, the largest movie theater chain in Indonesia, has installed the first Christie Vive Audio™”  LINK


Australia cinema layalty

Australia – Even though Australians are more passionate about films than sports marketers are failing to grasp the opportunity. “A panel discussion on the ‘rise of the movie franchise’ heard how marketers remain focused on sport and music events but are failing to realise the benefits from marketing partnerships with blockbuster movies. Andrew Condon, director and head of marketing at sport and entertainment consultancy Gemba, said the movie advertising market was “fighting below its weight”.”  LINK


USA (CA) – Christie has announced two promotions within its senior sales team. “Mr. George Scheckel is promoted to the position of Senior Director of Entertainment Solutions – Americas, and Mr. Bryan Boehme promoted to Director of Location Based Entertainment – Americas.”  LINK

Law & Order

USA (GA) – Excessive talking lead to a female-female altercation in the Crossroads cinema in Conyers. “Police say they’re close to identifying two women involved in a Mother’s Day brawl at a local movie theater. A witness told Channel 2’s Liz Artz it sounded and felt like a playground fight, but between well-dressed middle aged women.”  LINK

Outdoor cinema

 Canada drive-in cinema

Canada (ON) – This drive-in cinema in Ontario has been going for 65 years – and is still going strong. Theft of speakers used to be the biggest problem – about three dozen went missing each summer. “Desjardine, in the 1980s, said that his drive-in had some unique features. It was one of the first drive-ins to be able to show cinemascope movies. The screen, 40 feet by 60 feet wide, sitting 16 feet off the ground, is made of plaster. He said many other outdoor screens are plywood, and cracks show.”  LINK

Digital Death Watch

USA (FL) – 87-year old non-profit Polk Theatre in Lakeland is trying to raise USD $82,000 on Kickstarter to go digital. “The Polk Theatre is by no means your typical multiplex theatre — just take a peak at their prices. An extra large popcorn only costs five dollars. The organization intentionally tries to keep costs low for the community, and often times sets out a donation jar.” LINK

Cinema Opening/Closings

Pakistan – Cinepax Cinemas is opening its seventh multiplex, this one in King’s Mall, Gujranwala. The company plans to open over 100 new screens across Pakistan. “The newly built first ever Platinum Multiplex will be the hub of family entertainment with first class platinum seats, 7.1 Dolby surround sound with the best 3D.”  LINK

USA (NC) – A USD $4 million cinema complex is set to be built in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Jacksonville’s Westside. “The contractor received a building permit yesterday for the Epic Theatres 12-screen cinema at 8368 Merchants Way, near Oakleaf Town Centre.”  LINK


Vassilis Dimitriou Athens

Greece – The last film poster painter in Greece is still at it, even though Vassilis Dimitriou is 80 years old, suffers from Parkinsons and only the Athinaion cinema near the centre of Athens keeps the tradition alive. “I have drawn Clint Eastwood 50 times. If I close my eyes now I can start drawing Clint Eastwood,” he adds. During the 1960s when cinema was at its peak in Greece, Dimitriou would be commissioned to paint up to 10 posters a week.”  LINK

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