China Cinema Digest – Thursday 22 January 2015

By Patrick von Sychowski | January 22, 2015 8:23 pm PST

Sina Finance highlights three pertinent questions about Wanda Cinemas raised during the ‘road show’ ahead of the company’s IPO.

Concerned about the point two: how to face the the new media shocks?

In the conference, another concern is that the new media development, Wanda Cinema traditional marketing model of how to face the competition…

In this regard, Zeng-Mao also said that at present the company a single month counter ticketing and network ticketing of the proportion of month 6: 4, 2013 box office income share 76.74%, network sales at present in a single month accounting for about 40%, network sales accounting for showed a gradual upward trend, company there are Wanda movie network, Wanda movie APP such as its own electronic channels, at the same time also, and domestic professional network of ticketing website cooperation.

At present, Wanda Cinema uses a “cinema system” model of development, Ye Ning said Wanda Cinema business uses a pure asset coupling mode, is currently well-known theaters in only one using the model of the company.  LINK

China cinema box office split

On the occasion of Wanda Cinema’s IPO a good in-depth overview of how the cinema market works in China and Wanda’s role, down to specifics of revenue split and tax, is provided by Win Business Network . Several pages long, but worth reading in full.

Cinemas implement licensing system, the relevant policies and regulations, 15 or more in assets and the distribution for the film in theaters as a link to the different provincial regions, provinces can set up a cinema company. As of the end of 2013 there were 45 theaters license.

Unity in accordance with their respective cinema theater company plans to row reflect the showing of the film.

American film industry chain is the core part of the copyright, movie box office revenues accounted for 30% of the film side (producers and issuers) income is less than, in addition to creating revenue through digital television, Internet video, brand licensing, and other aspects of overseas exports . Because domestic copyright, among other factors, led to 85% of the producers are the cinema box office revenue contribution.  LINK

Golden Harvest share price

Seems that things are not going well for other cinema operators with exposure across Chinese speaking markets (PRC, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan and Singapore), in this case Star Orange Sky Golden Harvest.

China and Hong Kong and Taiwan major theater companies Star Orange Sky Golden Harvest , one of four in the first half earnings fell sharply released: Hong Kong Holding subsidiaries are consolidated into the theater, Taiwan and Singapore shares should be accounted for by associates theater equity accounted restated later, the Group’s operating the amount of HK $ 514 million, increasing by 12.9%, due to domestic cinemas and film distribution revenue income surge; gross profit of HK $ 308 million, gross margin 59.9%, up 1.2% points. Other income of HK $ 35.1 million, increasing 84.71%. Core operating profit of HK $ 8.6 million, a turnaround, other income increased due to a significant decline in profit theater only in Hong Kong and Taiwan subsidiary. Share of profit of associates theater 41.8 million reduction of 24.5%, due to Taiwan and Singapore profit theater associate reduced. Core after-tax profit attributable to shareholders was approximately HK $ 15 million, down 37.5%, or 0.0134 per share. Group does not pay an interim dividend. Expected by the Mainland and Hong Kong cinema business, driven by the Group in 2014 turnover of HK $ 1,050 million, increasing by about 13%.

The last paragraph is even more troubling for the Chinese exhibition sector as a whole.

Hoi cut the shares through an international rating to “Hold”, speculators or win this stock will be acquired at high prices. The risk is too high for domestic growth screen, the audience grew low fares fell, transparency as well as too low.  LINK

Wolf totem China

While the USA gets “Fifty Shades of Gray” on Valentine’s Day, Chinese cinema goers get to watch “Wolf Totem”, which is rolling out an major marketing campaign before then.

Academy Award director Jean – Jacques Arnold guidance, Feng Shao Feng, starring Dou Xiao, China Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Forbidden City Film Company and Hebei La France Arts company produced 3D giant system “Wolf Totem” is about the New Year’s Day February 19 national release, Valentine’s Day special offer mapping file. January 12, shares issued Film Branch is responsible for the work of the film Xuanfa held “” Wolf Totem “national theater sync promotion” activities, ten thousand filmmakers, as well as many fans on the same day, from north to south into the different 4000 theater, watch the “long-awaited, legendary for – Wolf Totem Movie promote the film”, and had the privilege of up to 20 minutes in advance to enjoy the 3D movie clips, this epic feel powerful charm preview. This form of the national theater in the country at the same time promote unprecedented, large-scale and the largest in history, called the history of the “most headstrong” promotion.  LINK

CJ CGV China

The Chinese may be buying up cinemas in the United States, Australia and South Korea, but now South Korea’s top exhibitor is also one of the Top 10 exhibitors in the PRC.

South Korea’s CJ CGV crashed into the top ten theater chains in China in 2014, becoming a top 10 player in terms of both local box-office admissions and market share, the company announced Friday.

CGV theaters in China attracted a total 1.5 million admissions last year, allowing the brand to climb seven places from seventeenth in 2013. The stellar 51 percent growth rate marks the highest growth among some 250 multiplex brands that are competing in China, the world’s fastest expanding film market.

The growth in admissions can be attributed to how CGV opened 11 additional multiplex theaters (84 screens) across China last year, which is the third largest expansion in the number of screens following top Chinese brands Wanda and Dadi Digital Cinema.  LINK

Taking of Tiger Mountain
No free 3D specs for the young ones.

Young children can often enter cinemas for free in China – interestingly this is government not by the age of the child but by height – though this apparently does not also include free 3D glasses.

Recently, Ms. Fu Jinhua people to a new report reflect themselves in watching 3D movie “symphony” when confronted with a dilemma: because he takes less than 4-year-olds, and no payment of 3D glasses for cinema free of charge. In desperation, she had to spend 15 yuan to buy a pair of 3D glasses for children, was able to watch the movie.

So, the child will not be able to borrow free of charge is not 3D glasses? Reporters from Yiwu Cinema, Blue Diamond Studios, Yiwu Hengdian Film City and many other theaters learned some theater provides children’s height at 1.3 meters or less free of charge, and some are more stringent, height 1.2 meters or less was free of charge. Including theater, said that children can watch 3D movies free of charge, but does not provide glasses. And more theater said, 3D movies now do not fall within the scope of free of charge, under the provisions of the height should buy tickets for children.  LINK

And here is yet another outrage at having to pay for 3D glasses, comparing it to having to pay for chopsticks in a restaurant.

China box office fraud

An appeal for a cinema ratings system by some leading film creatives in the China film industry.

China’s Film Directors’ Guild has issued a strident online manifesto urging widescale industry reforms, including a call for the establishment of a ratings system. This would make clearing censorship easier and could help Hollywood films looking to enter the world’s second-largest film market.

The appeal went out on the Sina Weibo social network after a meeting of mainland Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong directors earlier this month, which included some of biggest names in Chinese-language cinema.  LINK


China 3D audience

Are 3D specs in China more unsanitary than elsewhere? Are they recycled without being cleaned properly? The issue is definitely a hot topic in newspapers and online forums in China.

Ms. Bi people into our hotline 85111333 reflect told reporters, because the two friends use the theater public 3D glasses cause eye irritation. She wants to use the newspaper to remind the general public to watch 3D movies or bring their own 3D glasses, or bring their own alcohol disinfection cotton, do not let dirty 3D glasses hurt his eyes.

Because the movie has incomparable advantages 2D, 3D movie is getting hot. Many people immersed in an immersive viewing pleasure, the public has not noticed that the 3D glasses on the bridge of the nose of their potential harm.

Ophthalmologists believe unsanitary public spectacles, the public is best to buy their own wear. Suffering from amblyopia, strabismus, astigmatism and other eye diseases, the public is best not to wear 3D glasses to watch a movie.  LINK

This was followed by an investigation of which cinemas offer free 3D glasses. Seems the best bet is to bring your own.

Yesterday, Guangzhou, said complaints to the newspaper, go to the cinema at the time of his own ticket, was told that the theater does not offer 3D glasses rental service, viewers need to spend 5 yuan to buy a pair of 3D glasses. The reporter then visited 10 cinemas in the urban area, there are two theaters found that “for the public health,” does not provide free 3D glasses, the audience to bring their own or on-site purchase. Some lawyers said that the sale of 3D cinema glasses alleged acts of “tying” to increase the burden on the public consumption.  LINK

Online Ticketing

An article in Beijing Daily argues that online/mobile/ticketing should not just be seen as synonymous with cheap tickets, but also with a range of other benefits.

In addition to the 9.9 yuan low ticket sales, online ticketing sites can take advantage of off-season of theater resources, flexible movie ticket price changes, the establishment of a stepped viewing fare. For example, the online ticketing website, the theater, in consultation with the film side, according to different time periods in different price online sale fares.

Reduced ticket prices of non-prime time, not only to make online video sites to get more users, but also to improve the attendance of non-prime-time, effectively increasing the market share of the online seat selection.  LINK


China Blind Reckoning theatre

Interestingly initiatives to provide cinema access for blind and visually impaired in China don’t always come from government (local, regional or national) but from private initiatives, such as this ‘Reckoning Theatre’.

With blind cinema built in Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Wuhan, Jiangxi 600,000 blind people into the barrier cinema “viewing” is increasing. As we all know, the level of economic development in Jiangxi Province is still relatively backward, weak business base with disabilities. So, to fill gaps in the province blind cinema, construction funds come from? In this regard, the provincial federations, said the province to encourage social capital to participate in the construction of blind cinema.

In an ordinary Beijing courtyard near the bell tower, there is one called “Reckoning Theater” cinema for the blind, where small, fame is not small, Beijing’s blind friend hardly unknown. Explain the movie man named Wang Wei force, founded a few years ago at their own expense, this mini-theater special services for the blind.  LINK

Hue Brothers change cinema

It may be a classroom ‘cinema’ rather than a proper cinema, but the Huayi Brothers initiative is still a good one to let poor children watch films on a bigger screen than just a television.

Huayi Brothers theater in the country fifteen theaters jointly organized the “Small Change Big Love Public Season” event, the event issued by the Huayi Brothers theater “Public Love Books “, 5 per seal. Aimed at small change converging big love letter from a change cinema, so more poor children can not walk into the cinema to watch the movie a chance to see a good movie, help them shape the character, will enhance and broaden their horizons. This activity has been a positive response Huayi Brothers city theater audience, have in the field gave their love, and get a beautiful “Love Books.”

When the end of the event, Huayi Brothers theater received a total of nearly 100,000 yuan love money, all the money has been used to build Huayi Brothers Community Fund Project – “change the cinema.”  LINK

Cinema Opening/Closings

Nanchang cinema

If only more cinemas were as inspirationally conceived and designed as this one.

Even in the era of the e-reader, you still open a book to find black print on a white background. Films, by contrast, are usually in colour. But at Nanchang Insun International Cinema, in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, these lines are blurred.

Hong Kong design firm One Plus Partnership takes cinema-goers through a library and into the actual pages of a book in their design for a film venue.

The project, completed in July 2013, has already won an impressive 24 international and Hong Kong design awards, and was a finalist in the Golden Pin Design Award 2014, which celebrates products created for the Chinese-speaking market.  LINK

Imax Shenzen

A new Imax screen coming up in Shenzhen.

Known as “the ultimate viewing experience,” the IMAX theater Longhua we finally came up. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in advance to China Pacific theater had a handful of addiction, giant screen theater version of films 3D “great master”, has a crystal-clear picture quality, and maximize the view of television audiovisual field and perfect sound, unforgettable.

“Bow village shop has two Imax, is the first in Shenzhen. Each giant screen 12 meters high, 20 meters wide and about three storeys high, watch the IMAX movie, allowing the audience to get the maximum viewing enjoyment zoom limit, just like immersive. “China Pacific Studios general manager Chen Wenzhi introduction.  LINK

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