Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

By Patrick von Sychowski | December 29, 2014 2:03 pm PST

From all of us here at Celluloid Junkie, we wish you all the best for holiday and the year ahead. Here is a reminder of why we all do what we do.


Movies are the most powerful empathy machine in all the arts. When I go to a great movie I can live somebody else’s life for a while. I can walk in somebody else’s shoes. I can see what it feels like to be a member of a different gender, a different race, a different economic class, to live in a different time, to have a different belief.

This is a liberalizing influence on me. It gives me a broader mind. It helps me to join my family of men and women on this planet. It helps me to identify with them, so I’m not just stuck being myself, day after day.

The great movies enlarge us, they civilize us, they make us more decent people.

Roger Ebert – Film Critic (2005)

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