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By Patrick von Sychowski | December 10, 2014 6:27 am PST

In an effort to provide updates on the CineAsia 2014 conference and trade show presently taking place in Hong Kong SAR, this post was written live, and in the present tense, during one of the conference’s presentations. Comments attributed to speaker(s) are paraphrased unless denoted specifically by quotation marks.

Bill Beck, The Laser Guy, Barco

Having confirmed that his business title really is ‘The Laser Guy’ Bill begins, “today I’m going to explain ‘why’ Barco laser.” Mentions the press release yesterday with the milestone of 50,000 Barco screens and Barco also market share leader in laser cinema.

From components to integration.
– First high brightness laser projector 2005,
– First and only cinema-optimised laser projector,
– First and only Integrated cinema media processor 4K3D at 60fps,
– First commercial integrated 6P laser projector.

Also award winner – Lumiere 3D AIS Award and BIRTV 2014 Grand prize.

“Most important point: no lamps. Will save the cost of 120 lamp changes. Super bright at 60,000 lumens. 6 Primary Barco Laser3D that works with all major 3D systems. Also integrates Barco Alchemy cinema processor. We call it integrated because light source is inside projector. Most safe and highest efficiency because the projectors are directly combined. Engineered and testedfor 30,000 hours. 63% more energy efficient than Xenon projector.”

Inside it is 6 Primary Laer3D sets – two each of red, green and blue. Bright, smooth and beatiful colour picture. Works with silver, matt, screen and active or passive 3D glasses. “Clean & Green” is the motto. Over 30,000 hours lifetime it provides 54,000 AVG lumens. Lifetime saving of 150,000 KwH savings over lifetime.

Improve audience experience – Improve exhibitor profitability. Dovetails with Escape, AE, Cinema Barco.

Commerciallly availlable and delivering globally. Installations in China, Europe and the Americas.


Takeshi Hiraga, Manager, NEC

He thanks ICTA for the opportunity to present. First a quick introduction to NEC Display Solutions.

NEC’s laser strategy is both RGB laser projector and laser phosphor projector. Firstly focus on laser phosphor ads affordable and compact projector. Then focus on RGB laser projector. NEC phosphor projector first.

“World’s first DCI-compliant laser light source projector,” Takeshi claims. Fully integrated laser light source projector. Compliant with 3R laser regulation. His slide shows laser phosphor mechanism whereby blue laser lights and yellow phosphor light goes through lens and prism to create red, green and blue light.

Lots of experimanting with higher efficient phosphor material led to the development of the projector. Stresses compact and low maintenance. No exhaust or chiller needed because of less heat. Reliability and redundancy.

“Laser phosphor projector is best solution for exhibitors looking for economy laser cinema solution,” he concludes.


Don Shaw, Senior Director, Christie

“As most of you know, we have a 6P laser projector here and we are running demos throughout the week. We have discovered key driver is 3D, so laser for a premium 3D experience.

[I won’t repeat Don’s talk unless it deviates from the longer Christie laser projection talk. See the earlier post today. It didn’t, so that’s it for laser.]
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