Where Were We?

By Celluloid Junkie Staff | March 9, 2012 8:17 pm PST
Come In We're Open

If the emails that have been coming in from some of our loyal readers are any indication, some of you may be wondering where we’ve been or why the posts on Celluloid Junkie have decreased over the past six months.

The explanation is quite simple really. Like all of those who blog about the industries within which they work, sometimes it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to write about certain topics for various reasons. The very jobs which allow us to be knowledgeable enough to write about our industry sometimes actually prevent us from doing so due to conflicts of interest or breaches of confidentiality. Since these positions are how we actually feed our families, they tend to be given priority.

So it is that over the past several months each of the contributors to Celluloid Junkie have been otherwise engaged. Patrick von Sychowski has been busy tending to his responsibilities at Reliance MediaWorks. J. Sperling Reich has been focused on a number of industry related projects. Anyone who has glanced a a trade publication over the past year knows how busy (and feted) Carolyn Giardina has been lately.

That said, we expect to pick up the pace here on Celluloid Junkie and try to make up for some lost time… or in our case, a lack of worthwhile posts.