XDC Finds U.K. Partner In Sound Associates

By Patrick von Sychowski | March 19, 2008 9:13 pm PDT

Pan-European digital cinema integrator XDC has found a local implementation partner in the United Kingdom (and Ireland?) in the form of Sound Associates. No word on whether XDC have had any more luck in signing up UK exhibitor clients than rival Arts Alliance Media – or whether they have finalized any VPF deals for that matter – but if and when it looks like they will be ready to serve them well. From the press release:

Jerry Murdoch, Sales & Marketing Manager for Sound Associates, said: “Initially, Sound Associates will provide sales & marketing support to XDC in UK. Once a contract is signed, we will carry out the site inspections and detail any related necessary infrastructure work. We will then install the equipment (including any stereoscopic (3D) systems), and provide on-site training, on-site annual maintenance visits and of course, if necessary, call-outs. The helpdesk and monitoring support will still be serviced by XDC as their staff is fluent in English. We are delighted to collaborate with XDC … we have known them for a long time, and they have built the most comprehensive digital cinema service entity in Europe.”

Some will remember that SA were the installation partner for AAM in the first phase of the Digital Screen Network deployment, before AAM dispensed with their services and went it alone for phase two. Perhaps not surprising that SA should throw in its lot with XDC.

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