Kids urinating in cinema – problem in Dubai

By Patrick von Sychowski | November 14, 2007 5:16 am PST

Next time you curse stepping on a sticky patch at your cinema, consider yourself lucky that you are not living in Dubai. It could be something a lot less pleasant than some old soda spill. That seems to be the view of this female cinema patron from Dubai, despite the fact that the country is considered to have some of the most modern cinemas and multiplexes in the Middle East:

How much is the general public of Dubai willing to tolerate? And why? From bad service in restaurants to rude and impatient salesmen in shops, the icing on the cake now is… urine smelling cinema halls.


It has been witnessed that maids escorting 6 – 8 children cannot possibly make 8 trips to the toilet. Therefore the helpless children are urinating in the cinema halls. Perhaps a new policy to rid this unacceptable behaviour? One maid per two children? Just a suggestion…
Do we all have to be victims of this act of selfishness? Has Dubai really been reduced to this?… I hope not.
Angry Movie-Lover

So next time you send off your maid to take your brood of eight children to the cinema, my suggestion is that you fit them all with catheters before plying them with cola and popcorn. You know it makes sense.

(NB: As far as we know, the children in the picture above are not, nor have they ever relieved themselves in a cinema or multiplex auditorium, but are for illustrative purpose only.)

Patrick von Sychowski
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