Surprise cinema (pay if you like the film) and ‘Lost’ on the big screen in Prague

By Patrick von Sychowski | September 21, 2007 10:20 am PDT

Aero Cinema

The Czechs have come up with a new cinema concept, which is to screen a surprise movie at Prague’s largest arthouse cinema where patrons only pay afterwards depending on how much they like the film. From ABC Prague’s website:

Aero cinema in Prague has chosen an interesting way, how to attract people to the screenings: there will be special evenings, called “Naslepo” (“Blind”), where visitors won´t know, which movie they are going to see.

The movies screened on these days will be special – those that cannot be seen in other cinemas (they are not in usual distribution in the Czech Republic), but which are nevertheless interesting and worth seeing.

The first screening took place on 19th of September, though no word has reached us what film was shown, how many showed up or whether anyone paid. It’s an interesting move as cinema owners wouldn’t dare to put on something that they didn’t believe people would genuinely like.

Lost in PragueElsewhere in Prague you had the chance of catching an open-air marathon screening of television series ‘Lost‘ on the big screen, also according to ABC Prague. “Fans of popular TV seriers Lost may look forward to an extraordinary experience in Prague. A marathon of the third season of Lost will be shown on a large screen in the open-air area of Cisarska Louka in Prague. It’s provided by AXN channel for free.” The cinematic series was shown over two Sundays from 5pm to 5am. The website helpfully suggest that you “take a blanket with you as you’ll be sitting on grass,” but sadly does not suggest any collective ‘Lost’ drinking games for the Czech beer that was no doubt consumed.

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