Theater Toolkit Deploys New Website for Fridley Theatres

Theater Toolkit Deploys Fridley Theatres Website
Tucson, Arizona ( April 21, 2023 ) -

Theater Toolkit and Fridley Theatres are proud to announce the successful deployment of Fridley’s newly updated website on the Theater Toolkit platform. Fridley’s is the latest deployment and the newest member of the Theater Toolkit family to be released. The new website is designed in a user-friendly way for Fridley’s movie-goers to navigate their way through the ticket purchasing experience.

The Fridley Theatres website features a modern and user-friendly interface that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. The website allows customers to easily browse movie listings, view showtimes (both current and upcoming releases), and purchase tickets easily and quickly. Several more features and attractions provide a relaxing look and feel for the end user.

Fridley Theatres is a well-respected theater chain located in Iowa and Nebraska. With 17 locations and approximately 100 screens, Fridley Theatres is a go-to destination for movie-goers in the region. The new website will provide a streamlined experience for those customers, making it easier for them to find the movies and other amenities as they purchase their movie tickets. The upcoming phases of the overall project will include a mobile app release, a comprehensive loyalty program (that will blend two different ticketing point-of-sales), and kiosks.

“We are excited to pull together a solution that allows Fridley’s loyalty members the luxury of earning their loyalty points and spending those points at any of the 17 Fridley’s locations, no matter which ticketing point-of-sale is being used at that particular location,” said Scott Beck, Director of Business Development for Theater Toolkit.

Theater Toolkit is a software development company that specializes in the creation of cinema industry specific products. Their current flagship product, Theater Toolkit, is a comprehensive package of software tools designed specifically for movie theaters and the vast array of nuances within. The software includes features such as a seamless checkout process, voucher/refunds, loyalty integrations, mobile apps, kiosks, newsletters, and more. Theater Toolkit recently partnered with Fridley Theatres for several reasons, but most notably to provide Fridley’s with cutting-edge software solutions to help run their business more efficiently. These efficiencies will assist Fridley’s in growing their bottom line.

“Fridley Theatres is always looking for the best technology and services to improve business efficiency and better connect our customers to screenings and promotions,” said Fridley Theatres President, Russell Vannorsdel. “Theater Toolkit is a perfect choice for us to streamline our processes, while still allowing us to deliver incredible customer experiences to our loyal customers. We are excited about this partnership, and we are looking forward to more great things in the future.”

The deployment of Fridley Theatres’ new website is a testament to the strong partnership between Theater Toolkit and Fridley Theatres. This new website is a result of extensive collaboration between the two companies, with Theater Toolkit providing the technical expertise and Fridley Theatres providing the detailed business strategy they’d like to achieve. The overall project is set to increase end user efficiencies and therefore increase profits for Fridley’s.

About Theater Toolkit
Theater Toolkit, a product of Desert Lab Studio, is a web-based software solution aimed towards independent theater owners. Theater Toolkit’s technology enables independent exhibitors to compete with larger industry conglomerates. When implemented, the company’s solutions offer theater owners the opportunity to reach more customers, improve brand image and build brand loyalty. Starting with a mobile-first solution design, the Theater Toolkit platform provides the user experience, and advanced features customers have come to expect.

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About Fridley Theatres
R.L. Fridley Theatres, Inc. was formed as an Iowa corporation in 1974. Our founder, Robert L. Fridley, has been a prominent leader in the motion picture theatre exhibition business for over sixty years. The company operates 17 locations and approximately 100 screens. Fridley Theatres strives to provide exceptional service and presentation, great entertainment choices, and competitive prices to the local communities we serve.

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