Qube Wire and Goldenduck bringing Electronic Delivery to Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines

The two companies have partnered to set up digital distribution in all three countries.

Los Angeles ( September 22, 2023 ) -

Qube Wire and Goldenduck are proud to announce their partnership for movie delivery in Thailand, Vietnam, and The Philippines. Together they will roll out an electronic delivery network across the three countries. Connecting theatres to Qube Wire’s cloud delivery network will enable seamless distribution of content for Hollywood studios and local distributors as well.

Founded in Thailand in 1978 as a service provider for the then prevalent mobile outdoor cinema industry, Goldenduck is now the leading cinema integrator in Southeast Asia with branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In recent years the company has expanded into broadcast and AV technology and opened the GD Xperience, a studio and control center in the heart of Bangkok.

The Qube Wire cloud delivery platform is well known throughout the world for its market-leading ease of installation, operation, and support. Qube has enabled content delivery directly to theatres equipped with the WireTAP device, through either installed hardware or software within the theatre. The companies are coming together to bring to fruition their common goal of increasing the ease of delivery, automation, and efficiency of cinema distribution.

“The partnership of Goldenduck and Qube Wire will harness our combined strengths to create a strong digital distribution network for Thailand, Vietnam, and The Philippines. We are happy to partner with Qube Wire because its digital delivery solution is easy to configure and deploy. Additionally, its support team is available 24/7 and has a super-fast response time whenever needed or when we have some questions.” says Sittiporn Srisanguansakul, CEO of Goldenduck Group.

Commenting on the significance of the rollout Mark Waterston, Senior Vice President, Qube Wire said “Goldenduck has long been recognized as the trusted partner of distributors and exhibitors in these countries. We are thrilled that they have chosen to partner with us to deploy digital distribution. This will extend our reach further across the region, confirming that Qube Wire is the fastest-growing electronic delivery network in the world.”

Qube Wire is a market-leading electronic content delivery platform that is unsurpassed in its security features. It helps both distributors and theatres streamline their operations. Qube Wire’s simple but comprehensive user interface helps distributors manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content, and deliver their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) to movie theatres. Additionally, theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details, download KDMs, and access the details of all the content they are showing via their individualized web portal, all for free.

About Qube Wire
Qube Wire is a self-service, single-window system for global theatrical distribution. With a simple yet comprehensive user interface, distributors can manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content, and have their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and keys (aka Key Delivery Messages or KDMs) delivered to movie theatres across the world. Theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details and access their Universal Inbox on the Qube Wire service as well.

To sign up for the Qube Wire service, visit www.qubewire.com.

About Qube Cinema
Qube Cinema (www.qubecinema.com) is a pioneer in crafting end-to-end digital cinema technology and solutions. Drawing on decades of experience in the cinema business, Qube provides a seamless digital environment across the industry, from filmmakers and post-production facilities to exhibitors and audiences. Qube Cinema’s portfolio of products are powerful, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective, and include Qube Wire, a service for global content distribution; Qube XP, fourth generation DCI compliant digital cinema servers; QubeMaster, a family of digital cinema mastering software solutions; iCount, a camera-based occupancy measurement solution; Slydes, a system that automatically creates just-in-time Digital Cinema Packages; Cheers, a web service for movie audiences that offers personalised greetings cards on the big screen; Justickets, a cloud-based SaaS ticketing solution; and Moviebuff, a website and mobile apps for accurate movie information. The Qube product line is well-established globally, with thousands of installations serving 135 countries across the world.