MCine Mauritius Is to Use Qube Wire for All Future DCP Deliveries Across Their Exhibition Chain on the Island

The rollout will cover over 60% of the island's theaters.

Los Angeles ( April 16, 2024 ) -

Qube Wire is proud to announce that all future DCP’s will be delivered to the MCine chain across Mauritius using their easy to use, fast and efficient platform. The chain has installed Qube Wire across all theatres and is moving from HDD to electronic delivery.

“Qube has been very helpful in making the transition. Electronic delivery of content makes total sense for us, for all studio, Indian, and French Independent content. We are looking forward to the benefits that Qube Wire will provide.” says Rajesh Calicharan, Managing Director of MCine.

Qube Wire has over ten years of experience in ensuring that DCP’s and KDM’s are delivered smoothly and securely and is the fastest-growing electronic delivery solution in the world. The Qube Wire cloud delivery platform is well-known worldwide for its market-leading ease of installation, operation, and support. Qube has enabled content delivery directly to theatres equipped with the WireTAP device, through either installed hardware or software within the theatre. The companies are coming together to bring to fruition their common goal of increasing the ease of delivery, automation, and efficiency of cinema distribution.

“Connecting every theatre saves on the need for any HDD movement across the Island, which in turn gives the distributor and exhibitor so much more confidence that each title is delivered quickly and easily and is secure and correct”, said Nigel Dennis, SVP Global Sales, Qube Cinema.

Qube Wire is a market-leading electronic content delivery platform that is unsurpassed in its security features. It helps both distributors and theatres streamline their operations. Qube Wire’s simple but comprehensive user interface helps distributors manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights fortheir content, and deliver their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) to movie theatres. Additionally, theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details, download KDMs, and access the details of all the content they are showing via their individualized web portal, all for free.

About Qube Wire
Qube Wire is a self-service, single-window system for global theatrical distribution. With a simple yet comprehensive user interface, distributors can manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content, and have their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and keys (aka Key Delivery Messages or KDMs) delivered to movie theatres across the world. Theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details and access their Universal Inbox on the Qube Wire service as well.