New Zealand’s Silky Otter Cinemas Chooses POSitive Cinema

POSitive Cinema has signed a multi-year agreement with New Zealand's Silky Otter Cinemas circuit
Lodz, Poland ( January 22, 2021 ) -

POSitive Cinema enters a new territory through a multi-year agreement with New Zealand’s Silky Otter Cinemas circuit. The Silky Otter Cinema concept is determined to change the way you enjoy movies. Located in prime locations and fitted with luxurious leather recliners, Laser Cinema Projection, and 7.1 surround sound, guests can choose from an extensive menu of gourmet food and beverages, that go beyond the average popcorn set and includes desserts and a selection of premium beers and wines.

Why POSitive Cinema?
“We had a very clear idea on how we wanted our customers to buy tickets and food items and needed a solution flexible enough to match our concept and a solution provider that was willing to listen,” said Ahmed Almukhtar the Managing Director of The Otter Group.

“Providing unique experiences and services to our clients is our ultimate priority. We looked closely at several solutions available from around the world and decided on POSitive Cinema as the right partner for us. Their solution has many advantages that reassured us as having made the right choice. We strongly believe that this partnership will bring an unprecedented experience to our clients and stand us out apart from other luxury cinema operators,” Almukhtar continued.

Restaurant Savoir-faire
“POSitive Cinema is one of the brands of LSI Software Group, a software developer with experience across a number of vertical markets. Our solutions power the operations of thousands of restaurants every day, so we perfectly understand how this industry works, what processes should be managed, and how to optimize them,” said Grzegorz Siewiera, CEO of LSI Software.

He continued, “We have 30 years of experience behind us, so who better than us, is capable of meeting this diverse mix of requirements?”

Another motivating factor behind Silky Otter Cinemas’ decision to replace their existing software was POSitive Cinema’s extensive and flexible API that enables deep integrations to the ticket and F&B purchase flow. Silky Otter Cinemas wanted to be able to create unique customer journeys across all their digital channels. Customers will have access to the same level of service whether transacting at the cinemas POS, self-service kiosks, Silky Otter website, or mobile app.

Stand Out
Silky Otter Cinemas will be one of the first circuits to use POSitive’s new Marketing Automation module, allowing them to create and execute personalized offers and targeted promotions. Such tailor-made campaigns are only relevant when they are based on accurate data collected from loyalty and membership programs across every sales channel.

“Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount for us, we want to build strong relationships with them and give them the best possible experience when coming to our cinemas, they deserve it!” said Almukhtar.

The existing 2 screens Orakei site is the first of many cinemas under the Silky Otter Cinemas brand. Two more eight-screen complexes are scheduled to open in 2021, the first in Christchurch around June and another in Richmond later in the year.

About Otter Group
The Otter Group is a new, ambitious, and revolutionary cinema development company, presenting a new concept of cinemas labeled as Silky Otter Cinemas.

An evolution of theatrical entertainment, Silky Otter Cinemas are bringing the future of cinema to the market by refining and improving the customer experience while revolutionizing the traditional operating model of theatres.

About POSitive Cinema
POSitive Cinema Solutions provides one complete, robust, scalable solution for cinemas, available worldwide.

POSitive Cinema is a complete ERP-type solution, built for cinema circuits covering a wide range of activities such as multi-channel sales (POS, Online, Mobile, Kiosk), Dine-In, Scheduling, Digital Signage, Campaigns, TMS Automation, HQ Level Management and many more.

POSitive Cinema Solutions is headquartered in Poland, with an office in the US.

About LSI Software S.A.
The parent company, LSI Software S.A. is a public company, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE: LSI).

For almost 30 years, LSI Software has been a leader in providing Point of Sale (POS), ERP, and Supply Chain solutions for restaurants, hotels, retail shops, stadiums, and SPAs. Currently, more than 21,000 systems are running, worldwide.