10 Marketing Automated Actions You Should Do In Your Movie Theater

POSitive Cinema Solutions
Lodz, Poland ( May 28, 2021 ) -

OK, everyone has been telling you that CRM, loyalty system and marketing automation are a must-have for engaging with your customers, especially in the current post-COVID landscape. You have taken the jump and implemented a solution to manage all this. But where do you start? How can you be sure you are using these tools to their full potential?

Mustering all your collected customer data to create tailored newsletters, push notifications to your mobile app or simply SMS text messages and measuring the success of each action is indeed pure marketing magic in action!

Here are a few tricks to get you started:

1. That shopping cart is feeling abandoned
There are many reasons behind an abandoned cart – the phone battery runs out during the transaction, your college buddy just called you to go fishing, or your dog needs to go outside, now… Regardless of what has interrupted your moviegoers’ transaction, don’t miss the opportunity to sell tickets or concessions. Set up an automated on-the-fly campaign reminding your customer he has not completed his transaction.

2. Last chance to see
Black Widow is about to enter its last screening week at your cinemas, search your database and create a group of people that saw “Avengers: End Game”, “Captain Marvel” or “Black Panther”, but have yet to see “Black Widow” and send them a reminder email. You will be surprised by how many customers will thank you!

3. Segment, segment, segment
Of course, you send a weekly showtime newsletter, but why send the same version to all customers? Someone who has never seen any Star Wars film is unlikely to be interested in a newsletter that focuses on the next Jedi installment. Divide your moviegoers into groups depending on what they have watched so far (commercial or artistic films, genres, or maybe just child animation?) – and offer each group a newsletter version that highlights and matches what they like watching. Your customers will engage better with communication that is more relevant to their preferences.

4. Wave a promo code at the end of a stick
Send a concession discount code to a group that comes often to see movies BUT does not spend anything on F&B. According to research, the two main reasons why movie fans do not visit concessions are “too expensive” and “too long queues”. Sending them a special discount offer with a reminder they can avoid the queue if they order online is a sure way to win their gratitude.

5. Reward your best customers
So you are thinking about launching a new loyalty tier for your most loyal members. Create a group that includes your top customers and send them a personalized VIP special launch upgrade invitation to thank them for their loyalty.

6. Reactivate the reluctant
Find a group of users that have not visited the cinema in the last 3 months and send them a message telling them how much you miss them and attach a special offer to come back. Who can resist a free ticket voucher for a movie similar to the ones they’ve seen before?

7. Birthday!
Does this one even need explaining? Who doesn’t open a gift they get on their birthday?  Or not use that coupon for a free combo with cheese popcorn?

8. Release of ticket sales
Did you know that the average person looks at their cell phone more than 150 times a day, and over 90% of all messages are read within the first five minutes of delivery? Send a text message to all your viewers the moment you (finally!) open ticket sales for “No time to die” and sit back to watch your screenings sell out!

9. Ultimate upsell opportunity
For your bigger blockbusters set up an automated pre-session campaign, that is sent to all current ticket holders 6 hours before their session starts, inviting them to order a special limited-edition branded concession combo.

10. Last but not least
When you say goodbye to your friends after an enjoyable evening you normally tell them “thanks for the visit, it was a great evening and see you soon”. Your customers are no different, so thank them for watching the movie in your cinema, request a rating, and maybe even suggest a film for their next visit.

All this and much, much more can be easily set up with the newest Marketing Automation module available in POSitive Cinema. Does your current software have these superpowers?