Movio Connects Studios With Audiences

Los Angeles, CA ( March 8, 2018 ) -

Movio, the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions for the film industry, is partnering with STX Entertainment, Robert Simond’s global next-generation media company that develops, finances, produces, markets and distributes film, television, VR, digital video, music and live entertainment content, in a multi-title agreement. STXfilms is leveraging Movio’s comprehensive real-life moviegoer data, actionable insights and advanced targeting capabilities as part of its innovative approach to optimize marketing effectiveness and drive box office success for titles like Den of Thieves.

At just over three years old, STXfilms has become known for its media and marketing innovation, including optimizing audience data and insights to develop highly customized and targeted marketing strategies for its titles. This differentiated and efficient approach is what sets STX apart from traditional marketing methods.

“In this dynamic, quickly changing market, the ability for STX to use data to reach proven moviegoers is invaluable,” said Amy Elkins, Executive Vice-President, STXfilms.“ The Movio team have been great partners in innovating with us to create the all-important one-to-one connection with our audience.”

“STX continues to demonstrate industry leadership and a willingness to challenge the status quo in their approach to data-driven movie marketing,” said Craig Jones, Movio’s Chief Commercial Officer.  “By combining the strength of Movio’s moviegoer database, audience insights and marketing campaign solutions, STX is able to ensure they reach moviegoers with the highest likelihood to see their films.  The results clearly show that Movio’s capabilities are having a measurable impact on STX’s Box Office attendance.  We are proud to partner with STXfilm’s innovative marketing team as they push the boundaries with movie marketing.”

Movio provides the world’s most comprehensive source of moviegoer data in the film industry. With continuous investment in data science, Movio has produced market-leading machine learning algorithms based on over 750m behavioral and transactional records on 100m moviegoers across all ages and demographic groups for more than 5,000 film titles. Utilizing Movio’s suite of products, STX has been able to build marketing campaigns by creating audience segments based on actual moviegoer behavior, connecting with these audiences via digital marketing and direct email campaigns. Movio’s ticket purchase data is then used to measure effectiveness of their marketing investment.

“STXfilms is utilizing Movio to massively scale up our understanding of moviegoer behavior for marketing and media purposes,” Ms. Elkins adds. “In the case of Den of Thieves, we leveraged Movio’s insights to identify most relevant audiences to directly advertise to. These addressable emails allowed us to connect early with our most avid moviegoers and remind them to buy tickets opening week and beyond. One of the key benefits of working with Movio is the ability to look at the return on spend and incrementality, and for Den of Thieves, STX saw a 12x ROAS and 50% incremental uplift in ticket sales.”

About Movio
Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions, revolutionizing the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers. With a global database of over 100 million moviegoers, 750 million behavioral and transactional records and more than 5000 movie titles, Movio is the world’s most comprehensive source of moviegoer data. The company’s investment in data science and machine learning has produced market-leading technologies that redefine the possibilities of movie marketing. Movio empowers marketers to connect moviegoers with their ideal movie via online and offline channels, and link campaign data with actual ticket purchases to close the loop and measure campaign effectiveness.