MJR Theatres Partners With Showtime Analytics To Understand Customer Behavior And Deliver Targeted Guest Experience

Showtime Analytics has announced an agreement with US based MJR Theatres to provide a data platform and customer analytics software solution to the popular Metro-Detroit area chain.
Dublin, Ireland ( January 11, 2022 ) -

Showtime Analytics are delighted to announce an agreement with US based MJR Theatres to provide a data platform and customer analytics software solution to the popular Metro-Detroit area chain.

Founded in 1980, MJR Theatres is a State-of-the-Art Multiplex Cinema Operator with ten locations and over 160 screens. In 2019, MJR was acquired by Kinepolis Group, a Belgian cinema chain operating in seven European countries as well as Canada under the Landmark Cinemas brand.

With a commitment to innovation and an understanding of the changing world of exhibition, MJR decided they needed to move away from the traditional one-size-fits all e-Newsletter campaigns and to focus on customized, targeted communications so that they could deliver an improved guest experience and keep their customers coming back. While they have always been able to reach a large number of guests via email, the lack of analytics and conversion data made it impossible to determine what messages were successful or not.

Engagement with their guests through delivering the right content at the right time is now a primary focus for how MJR will achieve their business goal of growing their revenue.

To better understand their customers’ behavior and enable their marketing team to send targeted, relevant messages accordingly, MJR knew they needed the right tool that would allow them to deliver the greatest impact. With guest experience at the forefront, they evaluated different solutions that would fit with their specific goals.

“While searching for a target marketing solution we found Showtime Engage to be the most cost effective and robust platform on the market, while also being tailored specifically to our industry. The ability to analyze live dashboards and use that data to determine the direction of our overall strategy is essential in our ever-changing business.“

– Anthony Taylor, Marketing Director MJR

The Showtime Data Platform provides customers with a cloud based managed data analytics solution to automatically bring all key data sources together in one single location.

Showtime Insights: Real-time, mobile analytics across all data sources, Insights provides exhibitor customers with a real-time data operational analysis across ticket sales, concessions, bar, F&B and employee performance. Optimized for Mobile and Desktop experiences, Insights provides the information required when and where it is needed most. Insights also works with multiple point-of-sale (POS) systems simultaneously to create visual, digestible chunks.

Showtime Engage: A customer and marketing analytics platform that allows cinema operators to get to know their movie-goers through behavioral data analysis, tailored and personalized marketing communications and, most crucially, results tracked through audience uplift analytics.

Larry McCourt, a veteran of the cinema industry who leads Business Development for Showtime in the Domestic market, says that MJR’s vision for using data to transform how they do business is one that theatres of all sizes can adopt in order to stay competitive in a changing world.

“In the last two years our industry has faced the toughest challenges we’ve ever seen. Whether you are a single site owner or a major International chain, never before has there been such a need to innovate the way we operate, and working with the team at MJR is testament to how it should be done. I have no doubt that their understanding of the importance of using data to drive their business forward, while delivering a superior guest experience through their communications is what will continue to set them apart from their competitors. I am very much looking forward to helping MJR achieve great things through getting to know their customers better.”

– Larry McCourt, Business Development, Showtime Analytics