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Odeon hopes the release of "Tenet" will fill the entertainment void felt by Brits at home

Streaming-induced arguments on the rise as Brits feel content fatigue

London, UK ( August 26, 2020 ) -

Lack-lustre lockdown entertainment is leading to arguments with friends & family, new research has found.

ODEON Cinemas found that nearly half (43 per cent) of Brits have argued about what to watch during 2020 and on average Brits have a stream-induced argument THREE TIMES a week.

Choosing what to watch isn’t the only screen-screamer, with 42 per cent of Brits also getting annoyed when others in the household ‘double-screen’ (watching TV and being on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet at the same time).

Elsewhere, entertainment- starved Brits also spend 187 hours – the equivalent of 8 days a year – searching for shows to watch. It’s no surprise then that 76 per cent admit to feeling content fatigue, ‘bored’ of streaming sites which have been their ‘go to’ for much of the year.

ODEON is hoping the release of “Tenet” (26 August) will fill the entertainment void & help the 37 per cent of Brits looking to ‘escape the everyday’ in the darkness of the cinema.

Carol Welch, Managing Director UK & IRE said “At home entertainment has played a huge part in our lives this year but after spending hours making do with a small screen, we’re looking forward to welcoming guests back to the real deal. Those who are tired of big cat kings or double screening can rest assured they can escape to the big screen and immersive entertainment at ODEON.”

Brits no longer have to waste hours ‘remote con-scrolling’ as film fans can get back to ODEON – the home of entertainment – by booking tickets at

*Research commissioned by 3GEM in July 2020 on behalf of ODEON. 1000 respondents in the UK.