Laser Upgrade Available for Christie Series 2 Cinema Projectors

Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG) partners with Cinionic to elevate presence and expedite adoption of laser in North America

Orange County (CA) ( March 3, 2021 ) -

Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG), has been selected by Cinionic, the Barco, CGS and ALPD cinema joint venture, as a preferred partner of Laser Light Upgrade Kits for cinema projectors in North America, including product sales, integration, installation, and service. TEG now offers upgrades for Christie Series 2 projectors with Laser Light Upgrade Kits. This new collaboration further solidifies both companies’ commitment to elevating the movie-going experience, delivering brighter, laser-powered cinema images for audiences to enjoy.

“Cinionic is a strong and valuable partner for us, and we’re pleased to take this leap forward with them,” said Craig Sholder, TEG Partner.  “We are constantly evaluating new technologies and business models that will help our customers elevate the movie-going experience and that deliver financial benefits.”

Laser Light Upgrade Kits allow theater operators to retrofit existing xenon Series 2 projectors to the latest laser technology. With this announcement, TEG brings the capabilities of Laser Light Upgrades to Christie Series 2 models. Laser projection provides cinemas with cost savings, reduced waste, and increased visual performance for a better moviegoer experience. Laser Light Upgrade Kits are the fastest way for theaters to enjoy all the benefits of laser projection at the lowest total cost of ownership.

“Cinionic remains committed to finding new and innovative ways to support the whole exhibition community as it prepares for the future of moviegoing,” said Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “Our Laser Light Upgrade Kits offer theaters an accessible option for rapidly enhancing the cinema experience for their moviegoers, by providing brighter, better picture quality that remains consistent over time. With TEG, laser projection is a possibility for more theaters than ever before.”

“We’re convinced that the laser solutions from Cinionic will refresh and improve the performance of DLP Cinema projection systems, prolong a projector’s lifespan, reduce power consumption and eliminate the administrative burden and expense that comes with purchasing and managing lamps,” said Tom Schwartz, TEG Partner.

Like Cinionic, TEG believes passionately in the movie-going experience.  The focus on Laser Light Upgrades fits perfectly with TEG’s mission statement of providing transformative solutions and professional services that elevate the cinema experience.  With an install process that can be completed in the field in a matter of hours, Laser Light Upgrades expedites the move to laser for theaters everywhere.

About Cinionic   
Founded in 2018 as a cinema joint venture between Barco, CGS, and ALPD, Cinionic unites global leaders committed to creating a new visual standard and moving the cinema industry forward. Cinionic’s future-ready enhanced services and technology solutions provide compelling cinema experiences. The company’s world-class technology portfolio includes award-winning laser projectors, HDR, integrated media servers, and premium cinema experiences, among other innovations.

With more than 90,000 projectors installed globally, Cinionic is trusted by more than 200 exhibitors to help capture audiences at multiple touchpoints in their cinema journey and keep them coming back for more. Today, more than half of the world’s movie theaters are illuminated by Cinionic.   
Cinionic  has offices in Belgium, the United  States, Hong Kong,  and Mexico.
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Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG) is a technology and professional services company equipped to assist owners of movie theatres and commercial spaces optimize, re-invent, transform and elevate entertainment and corporate branding and messaging experiences.  TEG is headquartered in Orange County, California. 


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