Cinionic Debuts New Barco Laser Projector for Post-Production

Barco Series 4 SP4K-P - Cinionic

Hosts special sneak peek of the Barco Series 4 SP4K-P at SMPTE 2023 Media Summit

Los Angeles ( October 17, 2023 ) -

Cinionic, a Barco company and global leader in laser cinema technology, debuted a new Barco laser projector designed specifically for post-production today in a special first-look demo at the SMPTE 2023 Media Technology Summit in Hollywood. Part of the company’s award-winning Barco Series 4 laser family, the Barco Series 4 SP4K-P is the first laser projector developed exclusively to meet the unique needs of the post-production community.

Today, Laser Projection by Cinionic powers over 35,000 theaters around the world. Since the launch of laser technology for cinema in 2014, it has become the leading global standard for cinema presentation. With the new Barco Series 4 SP4K-P, Cinionic introduces new tools to create content that enriches both the movies and the moviegoing experience when presented in laser.

The Barco Series 4 SP4K-P builds on the legacy of the Barco DP4K-P, delivering the color gamut and contrast needed to bring a studio’s creative vision to life in today’s laser-powered cinemas. The Series 4 model combines the power of laser projection with specialized software for more streamlined editing workflows and xenon-look capability to ensure image consistency across in-theater projection technology. The new Barco Series 4 SP4K-P makes it possible to grade for both laser and xenon presentation with one projector, supporting the needs of creative professionals during the ongoing transition to laser.

“Laser by Cinionic is the new standard for cinema and the global footprint of laser-powered theaters continues to grow rapidly,” says Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “As a dedicated cinema company, Cinionic is committed to elevating the moviegoing experience throughout the theatrical ecosystem. The latest addition to Cinionic’s laser portfolio, the Barco Series 4 SP4K-P, combines our decades of expertise in movie presentation with the power of laser to ensure that what an audience sees onscreen matches the creative vision and ambition.”

The Barco SP4K-P design is tailored to the needs of the post-production industry, incorporating features that enable unparalleled laser image craftmanship, including REC2020 color gamut, 5000:1 contrast level, and is part of an HDR grading solution. The result is a projector that retains the capabilities and quality from previous generations, while empowering filmmakers to meet the needs of tomorrow’s cinemas.

Today’s announcement follows the recent debut of the new Cinionic Laser Screen 2.4, a high-gain cinema screen designed specifically for laser projection. Both the Laser Screen and Series 4 for post-production expand on Cinionic’s dedication to the long-term success of theatrical distribution with innovations that deliver elevated cinema quality from content creation to the screen.

Cinionic is the leading provider of laser cinema solutions with a portfolio that includes laser offerings for every screen with Barco Series 4 2K & 4K options, Laser Light Upgrades, integrated media servers, audio, screens, and expert-led services and training programs.