Jan Runge to Become European Representative of the ICTA

Jan Runge, Chief Executive Officer of Union Internationale des Cinémas (UNIC)
New York, NY ( September 26, 2017 ) -

The ICTA is very pleased to announce that Jan Runge, former CEO of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) will become the European representative of the ICTA coordinating all ICTA business in Europe as well as engaging and enrolling new members to the organization. This becomes effective immediately. Jan takes over for Thomas Rüttgers who served as International Vice President and European Representative for nearly 5 years. “Thomas did an extraordinary job of enrolling new members and inserting the ICTA into Europe as an important group”, stated Mike Archer, President of the Association.

At the same time, the ICTA membership amended the bylaws to add three new directors to its board, all from the international side. The new European directors include Thomas Rüttgers/ECCO, Oliver Pasch/Sony Digital and Till Cussman/ CinemaNext/Ymagis.

“With these new board members in place and their support, the ICTA board is confident that Jan Runge will be successful in his new role,” stated Robert Sunshine, Executive Director of the Association. As past European representative, Mr. Rüttgers was responsible for adding nearly 40 new members during his term.

Jan Runge Jan Runge is an independent analyst and advisor to the cinema industry. Jan has previously been the CEO of the European exhibitors’ trade body, the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), representing members internationally and managing the organization’s growth over the past six years. He also worked as a strategy advisor with consulting firms Olsberg-SPI and KEA in London and Brussels. Jan is based in Cologne, Germany, speaks fluent English and French. Technological and organizational innovations in cinema are at the core of his professional interests

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