Harkness Screens Unveils New Nanolast Coating Technology

Harkness Screens
Fredricksburg, Virginia ( November 6, 2017 ) -

Harkness Screens, the world leader in screen technology and manufacturer of premium cinema screens, has announced the introduction of its new high performance coating technology NanolastTM.

Nanolast coating technology is an improvement added to the formulation of all of Harkness’ coated screen families (including Clarus XC, Perlux and Spectral). The new technology adds a stronger polymer structure to the existing coating technology to create a significantly more robust and durable surface with added visual performance improvements.

David Harrison CTO of Harkness Screens said “At Harkness we strive to continue to improve the performance of our screens. NanolastTM technology is a major enhancement providing exhibitors with a more durable screen less prone to installation or surface damage. By adding additional strength to the base coating technology, we are able to mitigate the most often seen types of screen damage and therefore reduce the risk of exhibitors requiring screen replacements thus improving total cost of ownership from their Harkness coated cinema screens.”

Whilst improving robustness, NanolastTM technology also enhances the visual performance of screen surfaces by creating an even smoother, whiter and more uniform finish. This improvement creates a more immersive viewing experience by increasing the richness of colours, adding further depth of field to 3D presentations and widening viewing angles.

“Many of our customers are now starting to rapidly adopt the latest projection technologies including phosphor and RGB laser. The unique properties of NanolastTM provide a complementary surface for showcasing the visual improvements offered in the latest generation of cinema projectors such as 4K, HDR and wide color gamut,” Harrison adds.

NanolastTM technology is an incremental improvement added to all Harkness coated screens and is now available from Harkness’ global manufacturing facilities in USA, China, UK, France and India.

Further information about Harkness’ new production facility can be found at

About Harkness Screens
Harkness Screens™ is the world's leading screen technology company, specialising in the design and manufacture of projection screens and supporting technologies. From single-screen independent theatres to large multiplexes to large format immersive theatre experiences or live events, Harkness supplies thousands of
screens every year for cinema, film production, special effects, live events and custom AV applications.

With truly global reach, Harkness is regarded as the world leader in cinema and today has screens in more cinemas worldwide than any other manufacturer. With its industry leading 2D and 3D screen brands (Perlux and Spectral) along with its innovative range of tools and iOS/Android apps, Harkness continues to lead the way in screen technology for cinema.

Founded in 1929, Harkness has manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, France, India and China. Harkness Screens combines unrivalled experience with the latest technology and production methods to provide innovative solutions to the company’s key markets worldwide. For more information, visit the Harkness Screens web page at www.harkness-screens.com.

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