Harkness Screens and Miraj Cinemas Join Forces

Harkness Screens and Miraj Cinemas have announced a strategic partnership, at the recently concluded CinemaCon in Las Vegas

Innovation Meets Entertainment to Revolutionize Cinema in India

Mumbai, India ( April 18, 2024 ) -

Harkness Screens, a leading global provider of cinema screen technology, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Miraj Cinemas, India’s third-largest and fastest-growing national multiplex chain, at the recently concluded CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Through the partnership, Miraj will upgrade its screens with Harkness’ Clarus XC screen technology.

The formalisation of this partnership during a signing ceremony at the event marks a significant milestone for both companies, symbolising a collaborative effort to enhance the cinematic experience for audiences across India. Under this partnership, Harkness will provide state-of-the-art screen solutions tailored to meet Miraj Cinema’s unique requirements, ensuring first-class visual quality and immersive viewing experiences.

Expressing excitement about the collaboration, Andrew Emmott, VP Sales, Harkness Screens, said, “We are proud to partner with Miraj Cinemas. Their passion for delivering the highest picture quality meant that Harkness’ Clarus XC was a natural fit for both their 2D and 3D auditoriums.” This emphasized Harkness’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies that elevate the cinema experience. 

Echoing this sentiment, Amit Sharma, Managing Director of Miraj Entertainment Limited, emphasized the strategic significance of the partnership in catering to the evolving demands of Indian moviegoers. He stated, “At Miraj Cinemas, innovation is ingrained in our ethos. We are dedicated to offering unmatched entertainment experiences, and our collaboration with Harkness Screens signifies a significant leap forward. Deploying Clarus XC screens will ensure that our audiences indulge in movies with unparalleled clarity and immersion. This perfectly aligns with our commitment to surpassing expectations and establishing new standards in Indian cinema. We transcend the traditional movie-viewing experience; we curate cinematic journeys. With Harkness Screens as our partner, we are even more poised to deliver an exceptional cinematic adventure for every patron, solidifying our position as India’s fastest-growing multiplex chain.”

With a shared vision for excellence, Harkness and Miraj Cinemas are poised to set new benchmarks in cinema technology and customer satisfaction. Both companies look forward to a productive partnership that will enrich the cinematic landscape in India.

About Miraj Cinemas
Miraj Cinemas, India’s fastest-growing and third-largest national multiplex chain, is committed to delivering an unmatched fusion of entertainment and culinary excellence. Having over 205 screens, the company now operates 64 properties in 44 cities and 16 states across India. With over 50 screens currently in the fit-out stage, the multiplex chain eagerly anticipates the grand unveiling of new cinemas in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Patiala, Ludhiana, Indore, Alwar, Agra, Jamshedpur, and beyond. With an ambitious expansion plan targeting 300 screens by FY25, Miraj Cinemas integrates cutting-edge technology with unwavering excellence to provide audiences with an extraordinary cinematic journey. 

About Harkness Screens
Leaders in Screen Technology for Cinema, Outdoor Screenings, Drive-Ins and Events. For over 90 years, Harkness have been at the forefront of technology providing cinema screens and events screens that enhance every projection experience.

From innovative 2D and 3D cinema screen technologies for digital and laser projection such as Clarus XC, Perlux HiWhite, Spectral, Nova or Precision White by RealD for traditional cinema through to Alfresco screens for Outdoor screenings and drive-in cinemas and on to HSG Labs monitoring tools, apps and services such as Reality Capture digital surveying, our products and services are designed to maximize return on investment and optimize presentation quality whilst enriching the movie going experience for audiences around the world.