Eclair Remasters First French Feature-Length Film for Onyx Cinema LED Technology

Eclair Remasters First French Feature-Length Film for Onyx Cinema LED Technology

Paris ( February 22, 2019 ) -

Eclair, a leader in content services for the motion picture and television industries, today announced the successful remastering of the first French feature film in 300 nits HDR for Onyx Cinema LED screens, “Le Chant du Loup” (Pathé Films, Trésor Films and Chi-Fou-Mi Productions). Distributed in France by Pathé, Antonin Baudry’s “Le Chant du Loup” (“The Wolf’s Call”) is the first release mastered for Samsung’s new emissive technology to be shown at the Pathé Beaugrenelle in Paris.

“We are proud to be the first lab in Europe to offer this type of 4K HDR remastering, which combines unprecedented technical performance and visual quality with optimal brightness and vivid, refined colors, from immaculate whites to the deepest blacks,” says Pascal Mogavero, Senior Vice President of Eclair. “The Onyx solution is also EclairColor-certified through our global partnership with Samsung, and we anticipate growing demand from both producers and distributors.”

Eclair is the only company in the EMEA to provide professional services specifically tailored for the Onyx Cinema LED – contrast ratio of 1 000 000:1, HDR grading at 300 nits, and DCP mastering – for filmmakers, producers and distributors. To this end, Eclair installed an Onyx Cinema LED grading room & auditorium at its Paris-Vanves facility last November featuring a 3D-capable 5.2-meter screen, 18 seats, 7.1 audio technology from Harman’s JBL, and a full color-grading suite. For further information on Eclair’s Onyx Cinema LED mastering services, visit

In addition to the Onyx Cinema LED version, “Le Chant du Loup” is available in EclairColor in 15 cinemas across France. For the complete list of EclairColor locations, visit Allociné at


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