Cinemas Can Generate Revenue and Keep Moviegoer Connection With Vista Cinema’s Curb-Side Concessions Pickup

Vista Group

Innovative Solution Is Part of Multiple Initiatives from Vista Group Companies to Help Theatres Cope with COVID-19 Crisis

Los Angeles, CA & Auckland, NZ ( April 28, 2020 ) -

The launch of curb-side concessions pickup, powered by Vista Cinema mobile apps, allows cinemas the opportunity to generate revenue and keep a connection with their moviegoers while theatres are closed due to COVID-19.  The innovative solution is the start of multiple initiatives from Vista Cinema, helping cinemas to adapt in the pandemic environment. Vista Cinema, the world leader in cinema management software solutions, is the originating business of <ahref=””>Vista Group International Ltd.

Vista Cinema’s solution allows cinemas to launch curb-side pickup of moviegoers’ favorite movie concessions through their own apps. Moviegoers are able to place orders easily from home, drive to their local theatre and pick up their order, all with no contact. The workflow and technology emphasize speed and safety.

Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres was one of the first to embrace curbside pickup when their theatres closed, with 14 of their 15 sites now running the initiative. Ryan Miner, VP of Digital Strategy, says: “I can say emphatically that we could not have done this without the team at Vista. It’s an invaluable partnership. In just the past few weeks, we’ve seen our mobile app uptake increase dramatically. Where typically we would have 1,400 or so downloads and installs of our app per month, we’re seeing over 6,000 across iOS and Android in the same amount of time.”

Vista mobile apps also provide an easy link to Vista customers’ loyalty services, keeping cinemas connected to their audiences. Miner continued: “The loyalty connection opens opportunities for us too. We can see more of what our guests are interested in and stay connected to them. We can delight our loyalty members with free drink refills and reward them with points for their popcorn purchases.”

Blake Andersen, President of Megaplex Theatres added: “The result of this for our employees has been huge. We haven’t had to let a single full-time hourly employee go despite closing our doors. For them to be able to work on-site, to see customers—while maintaining safe social distancing—and actually be busy? It’s been immeasurable for morale.”

Leon Newnham, Chief Executive, Vista Cinema says: “During this uncertain time we’re aiming to provide solutions that allow our customers to continue to source revenue, keep in contact with their moviegoers and start to plan for how they may adapt when reopening. Curb-side pickup is a great example of this, and it’s brilliant to see our cinema customers embrace this functionality and see the results it’s driving for them.”

About Vista Entertainment Solutions (Vista Cinema)
Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd (‘Vista Cinema’) is the world leader in cinema management software solutions with installations in more than 90 countries around the world and an estimated 38% global market share in the Large Cinema Circuit market. The Vista Cinema software product line comprises multiple modules, integrated and scalable, suited to cinema exhibitors operating 20+ screens and 100s of cinemas. Vista Cinema is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and has subsidiaries incorporated in Los Angeles, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Cape Town, and Mexico City.

About Vista Group:
Vista Group International Ltd (Vista Group) is a public company, founded in New Zealand in 1996 and listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges in 2014.

The Group provides software and additional technology solutions across the global film industry. Cinema management software is provided by Vista Entertainment Solutions (‘Vista Cinema’), the originating business of the Group. Movio (authority in moviegoer data analytics), Veezi (cloud-based software for the independent cinema market), movieXchange (connecting the movie industry to simplify the supply of film media for promotion and the sale of movie tickets), Maccs (film distribution software), Numero (box office reporting software for film distributors and cinemas), Cinema Intelligence (business intelligence solutions), Powster (creative studio and marketing platform for movie studios) and Flicks (moviegoer ‘go to’ portal for movie information), provide an innovative range of complementary products across additional film industry sectors, from production and distribution, to cinema exhibition through to the experience of the moviegoer.

Vista Group has offices located in New Zealand (Auckland HQ), Sydney, Cape Town, London, the Netherlands, Romania, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.