Arts Alliance Media Launch New Website

Barcelona ( June 21, 2022 ) -

Arts Alliance Media (AAM), the global leader in digital cinema software and support services, has launched a new, ultra-modern website to represent both their market-leading position and their brand’s revitalised look and feel.

After recently publishing their ‘Vision for the Future’ in which they reassert their ambition to serve exhibitors with innovative theatre-enhancing solutions, AAM now seek to refine their customer journey by unveiling a distinctive website that will support their increased product offering and reflect their re-energised company philosophy.

“Modernising our website was a natural step in our sustained development”, said Dale Miller, CCO at Arts Alliance Media. “AAM is the world’s leading cinema software provider with an ever-expanding portfolio therefore it’s essential we suitably support each product and customers can discover the information they need easily and effectively.

Exhibitors can now discover AAM’s full range of theatre-enhancing solutions, from core software products such as Producer, Screenwriter, and Lifeguard, to the latest additions in their portfolio, including MX4D and HeyLED. With simplified product descriptions, informative product videos, and detailed user profile and function snapshots, exhibitors can easily study the most suitable solution for their business and the superior functionality on offer.

Designed to enhance visitors’ user experience, the creative, new website introduces a contemporary look and feel, contrasting a modern monochrome colour scheme with a typeface synonymous with traditional theatres to visually unite cinema and software; a notion supported with expansive imagery and interactive motion.

With a responsive design and user-friendly interface, visitors can clearly navigate to their chosen solution from any device for a simple and streamlined customer journey.

“As market leaders, we want to bold in our appearance”, added Will McMorrow, Director of Product and Design at Arts Alliance Media. “Like our software, we wanted to create a solution that’s interactive and simple in operation and we hope that our revitalised look and feel will only enrich our audiences’ online experience.”

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About Arts Alliance Media

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is the global leader in digital cinema software and services. AAM offers a wide range of solutions to exhibitors which enable them to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the cinematic experience for their customers. 

AAM software touches over 42,000 digital screens globally, while their network operations centre (NOC) supports several thousand screens. 

AAM is part of the Luxin-Rio Group, the world’s foremost cinema technologies provider, alongside Volfoni, a global leader in 3D technology.