Arts Alliance Media Celebrate 20 Years of Driving Innovation in Cinema Technology

Barcelona ( June 20, 2023 ) -

Arts Alliance Media (AAM), the global leader in digital cinema software and services, celebrated 20 years of driving innovation in cinema technology this week, a corporate milestone which reaffirms the company’s sustained importance to both exhibition and industry development.

Founded on June 17th, 2003, by Arts Alliance Ventures, AAM focused on replacing 35mm projectors with digital equipment before winning the UK’s Digital Screen Network bid in 2005 to create the first national rollout of digital cinema in the world. After negotiating with Hollywood studios to gain commitment to Virtual Print Fee (VPF) deals, AAM would help revolutionise global cinema operations by negotiating, administering and supporting the financing of digital conversion across Europe, Africa and Latin America.

“Throughout the years, I have seen AAM navigate through different eras, from the digital switchover to centralised theatre management, and at every stage the company has always done what’s right for exhibition”, explained Howard Kiedaisch, Chairman of Arts Alliance Media. “Our company has a remarkable ability to analyse the industry’s requirements, identify emerging technologies, and consistently bring new solutions to market.”

Since the global digital upgrade, AAM have developed a suite of digital solutions to help exhibitors operate their cinemas, from content management to equipment monitoring. As the market leader in digital cinema software, AAM now services a footprint of 43,897 screens worldwide, with their Screenwriter Theatre Management System (TMS) the most powerful and widely deployed TMS in the world.

Alan Bowen, General Manager and Chief Financial Officer at Arts Alliance Media, added, “reaching 20 years in business is an impressive landmark for any company, and huge credit must go to everyone who has supported AAM throughout our journey and helped to grow our industry-leading footprint, from employees past and present to all our partners and customers.”

As published in 2022, AAM’s long-term vision now is to serve exhibitors through innovative theatre-enhancing solutions, focusing on efficiency, cost, and opportunity, to help deliver an outstanding cinematic experience. This scalable framework will enable AAM to expand their cinematic offering beyond software as they look to drive innovation in all areas of the cinema space.

“We’re very proud of our history and eager to ensure the next phase in our journey mirrors the success of the first”, explained David Ong, Chief Commercial Officer at Arts Alliance Media. “While expanding the footprint of our software users, our next era will see AAM build a larger eco-system of solutions to become a one-stop shop for cinematic products and services”.
Having reached this significant milestone on the week of CineEurope 2023, the AAM team are present in Barcelona to commemorate their prestigious history, share their vision for the future of cinema, and help exhibitors discover the perfect platform for their business.

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About Arts Alliance Media

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is the global leader in digital cinema software and services, offering a wide range of solutions which help exhibitors to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the cinematic experience for their customers.
AAM’s extensive portfolio, including Producer, Screenwriter, Screenlighter, Lifeguard, MX4D, and HeyLED, touches over 43,000 screens worldwide, while their network operations centre (NOC) supports several thousand screens.

AAM is part of the Luxin-Rio Group, the world’s foremost cinema technologies provider.