AMC Theatres Select Arts Alliance Media’s Producer Enterprise TMS to Centralize Network Operations

Arts Alliance Media - Producer
London ( May 8, 2024 ) -

Arts Alliance Media (AAM), the global leader in digital cinema software and support services, has announced a new software agreement with AMC Theatres (NYSE:AMC) (“AMC”), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and the world.

After selecting AAM’s Screenwriter as their Theatre Management System (TMS) of choice in 2022, AMC has now added Producer, an innovative Enterprise TMS, to their operational toolset as they seek to centralize essential workflows from a single dashboard at AMC’s Theatre Support Center.

“In securing this agreement with AMC, we are proud to showcase Producer’s robust functionality alongside our wholly committed technical support team. This agreement stands as a testament to the dedication of the entire AAM team,” commented Peter Kim, VP of Global Sales at AAM.

Producer, a content management tool that harnesses Screenwriter’s site-level data, enables exhibitors to streamline circuit-wide operations by facilitating versatile content control, comprehensive network visibility, and extensive automation, including automated playlist creation and scheduling.

Combining the pioneering automation of Producer with Screenwriter’s globally recognized feature set, AMC is well-equipped to continue building operational efficiency, which helps create unforgettable movie-going experiences.

“We’re excited to unveil our latest collaboration with AMC: a cutting-edge trailer campaign application and new centralised content management capacities for Producer,” added William McMorrow, Product Director at AAM. “Together, we are setting new standards in the entertainment industry, ensuring that Marketing and Operations teams have the tools and automation they need to reach the right audiences and maximize the quality of every presentation.”

By extending their agreement with the world’s leading cinema chain, AAM continue on their quest to empower the foremost exhibitors globally while underlining their exceptional software capabilities and commitment to driving industry innovation.

David Ong, Chief Commercial Officer at AAM, said, “we are delighted to announce our growing relationship with AMC Theatres. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring our innovative software solutions to such a prestigious industry leader. Together, we look forward to revolutionising the cinema experience for audiences worldwide.”

About Arts Alliance Media
Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is the global leader in digital cinema software and services, offering a wide range of solutions which help exhibitors to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the cinematic experience for their customers.

AAM’s extensive portfolio, including Producer, Screenwriter, Screenlighter, Lifeguard, MX4D, and HeyLED, touches over 44,000 screens worldwide, while their network operations centre (NOC) supports several thousand screens.

AAM is part of the Rio-Tech Group, the world’s foremost cinema technologies provider.