AMC Entertainment Launching Its All-New Line of Microwave Popcorn and Ready-to-Eat Popcorn Exclusively at Walmart

The AMC Theatres all-new home popcorn line will include six total items, including three varieties of microwave popcorn and three varieties of ready-to-eat popcorn in the following flavors – Classic Butter, Extra Butter, and, for those seeking a lower sodium solution, Lightly Salted.

Leawood, Kansas ( February 28, 2023 ) -

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC & APE), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and the world, today announced it is collaborating with Walmart on an exclusive launch of AMC’s all new lines of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn items, beginning with featured endcaps, which prominently display AMC Perfectly Popcorn in hundreds of Walmart locations around the United States. On March 11, popcorn lovers can enjoy select AMC Perfectly Popcorn varieties, available on Walmart endcaps, just in time for the Academy Awards, which airs on March 12.

With this new AMC Theatres popcorn product launch, AMC brings its Perfectly Popcorn movie theatre popcorn taste and aroma to the comfort of home. AMC’s Popcorn line includes six total new items, including three flavor varieties of microwave popcorn and popped popcorn. Consumers can enjoy both AMC’s microwave popcorn and popped popcorn in the following flavors – Classic Butter, Extra Butter, and Lightly Salted. The microwave Extra Butter variety comes with buttery topping packets, allowing consumers to replicate that ultimate movie theatre experience of adding even more butter flavor to their popcorn.

All six varieties of AMC’s new popcorn line feature that amazing AMC Perfectly Popcorn taste which, until now, was only available at an AMC movie theatre.

Select varieties from AMC’s new line of popcorn products will be available during the featured endcap program at Walmart, beginning March 11. The following month, AMC’s popcorn will be on the shelves of more than 2,600 Walmart locations and on The microwave popcorn varieties available at Walmart are expected to retail for $4.98, plus tax, for 6-count. The ready-to-eat popcorn varieties, available in a 4.2 – 5.2 oz bag, are expected to retail for $3.98, plus tax.

Following the exclusive launch at Walmart locations this spring, AMC anticipates broader distribution channels for its new line of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn later this year.

Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC Theatres, commented:

“With the launch of AMC Theatres new line of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn, AMC yet again makes good on a promise made to our moviegoers and our investors. On March 11, which is Oscars weekend, we will enter the multi-billion-dollar retail popcorn industry with at-home popcorn that features the authentic taste of real movie theatre popcorn. We are especially pleased that we are doing so in an exclusive launch with Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States. We could not have found a better partner than Walmart for this important extension of the AMC experience into the home.”

Aron continued:

“For years, AMC’s in-theatre innovations and initiatives like recliner seating, better food & beverage offerings, enhanced sight & sound presentation technology, AMC Stubs, and premium formats have focused on Making Movies Better at the movie theatre. Through our retail introduction of AMC Theatres microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn, we continue to Make Movies Better, this time in the comfort of your own home. And with popcorn now hitting shelves, we remain focused on future innovations that will continue to surprise and delight movie lovers and our shareholders.”

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