AMC Theatres’ Latest Ghostbuster Realistic Ghost Trap Collectible Popcorn Vessels, Animated Mini-Puft Sipper Cup and Apparel Are Capturing the Nation’s Attention

AMC Theatres - Ghostbusters Popcorn Trap

AMC Theatre’s near prop-replica-quality Ghostbuster Ghost trap popcorn vessel is available for just $39.99 and includes a large popcorn; Mini-Puft Sipper Cup is $19.99, and includes Large Drink

Leawood, Kansas ( March 12, 2024 ) -

AMC Theatres (NYSE:AMC), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and the world, today announced that with the opening of “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” moviegoers will be electromagnetically drawn to AMC Theatre’s near prop-replica-quality Ghostbuster Ghost trap popcorn vessel and other unique, Ghostbuster merchandise and apparel.

The Ghost Trap vessel appears to be plucked right out of the movie, complete with warning stickers and LED lights, available in theatres March 21. The colorful trap is designed to maximize the amount of popcorn you can carry to your seat from the concession stand — and then transform it into a movie experience keepsake to take home, display and enjoy. The light-up vessel is available for just $39.99 and includes a large popcorn.

Guests also can mallow out with a collectible Mini-Puft Man Sipper (just $19.99 and includes large drink) exclusively available only at AMC Theatres in theatre and online here while supplies last. All guests can blast their tastebuds with a signature slime green Icee drink, while guests of drinking age can enjoy the sublime limited time only Firehouse Frost adult beverage made with original Ghostbuster Dan Akroyd’s Blue Crystal Head Vodka drink available only at AMC Theatres’ MacGuffin bars.

“We think the spirit will move a lot of moviegoers to snap up these vessels and apparel available only while supplies last,” said Hank Green, VP, AMC Food and Beverage. “So don’t be forever haunted by missing out on these crazy cool Ghostbusters popcorn vessels, special drinks, merchandise and more.”

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