CJ Cinema News Digest – Monday 9 January 2017

Qatar-Novo 7-star partnership, UK/IE BO up 1.45%, SRS Cinema for sale, Richard’s Vue keynote, Tim says not to iPhone “Theater Mode”, Saudia Arabia’s cinema “enemies”, Regal-Imax 11-screen deal, India crackdown on F&B cinema overcharging, drunk cop drops gun in cinemas and triggers evacuation, Hagener CineStar cleanliness questioned and history of Dalston’s Rio revealed. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Thursday 24 November 2016

Marcus buys Wehrenberg, Spain ticket price questioned, Wanda “monopolises”, CineStar roach case dropped, India’s Tier II & III cities tempt cinemas, Demonetisation hurts Indian cinemas (or not), LA cinema ad convention reviewed, renewed Rieu record, Fathom’s sensory-friendly Nutcracker and more “Billy Lynn” musings….

Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 8 April 2015

Australia – This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a cinema being evacuated because of its popcorn. A batch of burnt popcorn caused the evacuation of four cinemas at the Grand Cinema Warwick complex on Monday night. Fire…

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