CJ Cinema News Digest – Tuesday 3 January 2017

Polish films big in UK, Pathé seating backlash, Mexican cinema up, PVR goes UPI, mandatory Punjabi films, Carnival in Odisha, Pakistani entertainment tax, Korea highlights popcorn sugar, Pepsi fined in India, Kinepolis’ Malayam black list, “Rogue One” sleep in and Brit builds 34-seat ABC cinema in back-yard….

UK Cinemas Are High Profile Targets For Anti-Sugar Campaigns

Having looked at challenges facing United States exhibitors relating to carbonated sugar beverages (Cinema’s Dangerous Addiction to Sodas), it is now time to examine the situation in the United Kingdom. The issue has come to the forefront with an article…

Dreamworks’ 3D Super Bowl Stunt Gets Mixed Reviews

From the moment Dreamworks Animation first announced that it would run a 3D trailer for it’s March release “Monsters. vs. Aliens” during Super Bowl XLIII everyone working in the entertainment industry took notice, especially those in distribution and exhibition.  Now…

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