Cinema News Digest – Thursday 18 January 2018

Dear Junkies, Average ticket price in the US went up 3.69% to USD $8.97 in 2017. Cue usual hysterical headlines (THR: ‘Average Price of a Movie Ticket Soars to $8.97 in 2017‘ – really, “soars”?), particularly when coupled with the…

CJ Cinema News Digest – Tuesday 25 July 2017

mm2 won’t buy GV, US Q2 ticket prices, China island cinema, China invests in Vietnam’s Beta, CGR’s LightVibes reviewed, Everyman 1H ‘successful’, UAE arthouse, Tamil Nadu under-multiplexes, Movies@ profits, trailer releases, MK2 evacuation, The Light fire, Cayman Regal popcorn smoke,…

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 17 August 2016

Alibaba goes cinema, Vox goes Saudi, CGV charged, Brazil cinemas need banks, Alamo grows, NCM bonds, Profits@Dundrum, trailer trauma, Guzzo baby surrender, UFO sues cinemas, deaf man sues Celebration Cinemas, laser survey, Sunshine bomb hoax, Reel goes luxury at Palm, Vue facelift, Pathé and Gaumont documentary….

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