Why We Are Not Covering ShowEast (This Year)

By Celluloid Junkie Staff | October 27, 2014 11:04 pm PDT
ShowEast 2014 - Hollywood Florida

With ShowEast presently underway in Hollywood, Florida many of our readers have been asking why they can’t find coverage of the event on Celluloid Junkie. ShowEast is exactly the kind of industry event CJ has built a reputation of covering in great detail and we’re truly flattered (not to mention a little surprised) that so many of you noticed its absence.

Rest assured, we did not forget about ShowEast. Unfortunately, despite contacting ShowEast organizers multiple times to arrange accreditation to attend, we never received a response or heard back from them. Whether this was simply an oversight we don’t know.

With no assurance that CJ would be provided access to properly cover ShowEast, and given the expense such coverage requires, we made the difficult decision not to attend this year’s conference.

As such, we regret to inform our readers that other than this post we will not be writing about ShowEast 2014 or covering any press announcements that specifically reference the show.

This is a disappointing situation but we felt it was our only choice. We do however appreciate all of your inquiries and understanding.

– Celluloid Junkie Editorial Team