E3 Gaming Confab Interests Hollywood

By Carolyn Giardina | June 5, 2009 8:20 am PDT

One of every three consumer’s entertainment dollars spent in March, were spent on computer and video games—more than going to the movies, suggested Michael Gallagher, CEO of the Entertainment Software Association.
He announced this figure during an address at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, ESA’s annual computer and video game confab, this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In some ways, one could look at E3 as a sort of Showest for the gaming industry.
Gallagher gave a state of the industry address during which he said that even in this tough economy, consumers continue to turn to games for entertainment. He reported that sales of computer and video games in 2008 reached $11.7 billion in the U.S. alone.
E3 hosted previews of upcoming game titles, which attendees had the chance to play on the exhibition floor. This included a slate based on upcoming movies, including “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, “G-Force” and “The Princess and the Frog.”
Meanwhile, Hollywood filmmakers’ demonstrated growing interest in the market. James Cameron introduced his upcoming “Avatar” 3D video game at the Ubisoft press conference, and Steven Spielberg joined Microsoft to preview a developing camera that would allow video games to respond to a player’s body movements and voice—rather than a controller.
According to a new ESA report, 42% of American homes have a video game console and 68% of American households play computer or video games.