JVC Turns Heads With 3D Conversion Technology

By Carolyn Giardina | April 22, 2009 5:26 pm PDT

JVC unveiled a potentially disruptive 3D technology at NAB this week.

The company is showing an early prototype of a 2D/3D conversion box that it is looking to further develop as a basic conversion system and, get this, sell for $10,000.

Today more elaborate methods of converting 2D imagery to 3D can run anywhere from $50,000 per minute to over $100,000 per minute, depending on the complexity of the material.

Sunday at the NAB Digital Cinema Summit, Warner Bros. Technical Operations president Darcy Antonellis discussed the studio’s interest in converting library titles to 3D. She said: “We have 40 or so titles in our library that are potential candidates.”

Filmmakers are also looking to use conversion techniques, for new titles. Disney’s upcoming 3D release “G-Force,” for example, features live action that was shot in 2D and converting to 3D using In-Three’s Dimensionalization process. CG is being added to the hybrid 3D film at Sony Pictures Imageworks.