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Winning Your Audiences - Gruvi E-Book

Social technology firm Gruvi offers free download of its latest marketing E-book.

Copenhagen, Denmark ( February 27, 2017 ) -

Winning the audience’s attention is one of the toughest challenges faced by the entertainment industry in today’s connected world. You can no longer count on having an excellent story and a masterfully shot film or show. It’s now just one important step in the complete picture. Producers, distributors, funding bodies, viewing platforms and cinemas will all have to start looking much more closely at the question of “who is my audience” and “how should I meaningfully reach them” to ensure that the equation has the best chance of stacking up when it comes to screening time.

Fortunately we live in a time where this is easier than ever with access to all forms of digital marketing, from mobile to social media. They offer any would be marketer many important opportunities to test, define, reach and sell to their audiences. But doing so is not without its caveats. The digital marketing landscape is bewildering, complex and moving as quickly as Silicon Valley funding.

Gruvi tackles head first many of these challenges in their day to day activity, on behalf of our clients. We try to stay on top of innovations that can help hedge the risks to be expected in the future. “Winning Your Audiences. Marketing Movies in the Connected World” draws on strategies and practices tried and tested in Gruvi’s campaigns in order to offer actionable insights applicable for all those involved in the movie and entertainment industries.

In this book Ben Johnson and Mirona Nicola go into detail about how the film industry functions today. The quirks and complexities are examined in the first chapter of the book, followed by an in depth dive in the what, why, and how of online marketing:

  • How to  identify the audience,
  • How to meaningfully reach them, and
  • How to measure their interaction to ensure that your campaign is on track.

A third section is planned for later this year that will examine the future of the entertainment industry and the impact future changes will have on how to find your audience.

“Winning Your Audiences. Marketing Movies in the Connected World” is freely available for download on Gruvi’s website.

About Gruvi
Gruvi is a fast growing social technology company that is helping global entertainment brands tackle the rising challenges and opportunities of online, social and mobile marketing. Gruvi does this by providing campaign management systems that scale internationally while promoting and tracking the sales of their content whether that be sell through or cinema tickets.

Gruvi has been helping brands such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Scanbox, Walt Disney, UIP, etc. with their film campaigns globally since 2010. In campaigns for major movie studios a combination of creative and the ability to buy on social, web and mobile typically results in 5 – 12% of users moving through from discovery to purchase.