Volfoni’s 3D Elliptical Polarization Patent Approved in the USA

Paris, November ( November 28, 2018 ) -

Volfoni is pleased to announce the recent granting of its three dimensional (3d) elliptical polarization patent no. US 10,151,932 in the US territory. Previous third-party cinema systems for 3d have required the use of passive 3d glasses based on either circular or linear polarization. However, Volfoni’s new innovation instead uses passive 3d glasses based on  elliptical polarization. This not only improves the overall light efficiency and performance, but also avoids a host of other third-party IP which specifically mandate the use of circular polarization.

This adds to Volfoni’s extensive patent portfolio comprising fifteen granted and pending patent families around the world, including five US granted patents 10,151,932, 8,648,899, 9,740,017, 9,395,549 and 9,594,255, three US pending patents 16/137,891, 16/150,594 and 62/733,216, two European granted patents WO2011104316A1 and WO2014080018A1, two Chinese pending patents 201810347582.9 and 201820551483.8, as well as three French granted patents 2,973,523, 2,978,564 and 2,987,211.

“Volfoni’s extensive patent portfolio comprising of fifteen granted and pending patent families around the world is testament to Volfoni’s extensive investment into research and its commitment to bringing cutting-edge innovation to the 3d cinema industry”, said Dr. Bertrand Caillaud, COO of Volfoni.

“Volfoni’s continued development of new products and technologies brings great benefit to our customers around the world and sets new standards in the 3D cinema business”, Ms. Araceli Vaello, CEO of sales, added.