Vista Group Rounds out Successful Year of Innovative Technology Launches with Return to CineAsia

Vista Group, the software and data analytics company, is returning to CineAsia this year to showcase the latest innovations for cinemas.
Auckland, NZ ( December 1, 2022 ) -

Vista Group, the global leader in delivering software and data analytics solutions to the film industry, is returning to CineAsia this year to showcase the latest innovations for cinemas.

Vista Group businesses attending CineAsia in Bangkok, Thailand next week include cinema management software company, Vista Cinema; marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions company, Movio; and box office reporting platform, Numero.

Their attendance rounds out a successful year of Vista Group companies’ innovative solutions hitting the market, with Vista Cinema’s SaaS offering, Vista Cloud, going live with clients and Movio’s new data analytics and campaign management solution for cinemas, Movio Cinema EQ, launch last month.

CineAsia marks the debut global event for EQ, which offers a smarter, faster, and more streamlined solution for cinema marketers. The new product means cinemas will have more tools at their disposal to implement strong, more effective marketing campaigns that reach the audiences they want with the right message at the right time.

Attendees can also hear more about Vista Cloud, with Vista Cinema General Manager APAC, Tan Ngaronga, presenting ahead of the Paramount Pictures presentation.

Vista Cloud offers the future of cinema management, with the cloud-based SaaS solution being fully hosted, managed, and monitored by Vista Cinema to optimise and streamline cinemas’ operations.

“We’re delighted to be returning to CineAsia and sharing our innovative solutions that provide huge value for our clients and the industry,” says Vista Group CEO, Kimbal Riley. “Following some key milestones this year with the launch of Movio Cinema EQ and Vista Cloud clients going live, we’re excited to connect with conference attendees in person and demonstrate our goal in empowering cinemas to provide the best experience for moviegoers.”

About Vista Group International
Vista Group International Ltd (Vista Group) was founded in New Zealand in 1996 and listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges in 2014 (NZX & ASX: VGL). Vista Group provides software, data and technology solutions across the global film industry. Vista Entertainment Solutions, the original business of Vista Group, provides cinema management software and digital solutions for large cinema circuits, including Vista Cloud, and, with Veezi, also for independent cinemas. Movio (authority in moviegoer data analytics), Maccs (film distribution software), Numero (box office reporting software for film distributors and cinemas), Powster (creative studio and marketing platform for movie studios) and Flicks (moviegoer ‘go to’ app and platform for movie and streaming information) provide an innovative range of complementary products across additional film industry sectors, from production and distribution, to cinema exhibition, through to the experience of the moviegoer. Vista Group has offices located in New Zealand (Auckland HQ), Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Sydney, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Groningen, Timi?oara, Shanghai, Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur.