The FNCF and the CST Unite Their Forces in an Unprecedented Technical Feat

Paris, France ( May 11, 2020 ) -

The Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF) and the Superior Commission for Image and Sound (CST) join forces by sending to every cinema nationwide an encrypted “test film”, allowing cinemas to ensure their projection equipment stays fully functional until reopening.

Facing this unprecedented situation, unprecedented efforts have been deployed: for the first time, an encrypted “test film” is being sent to all cinemas across France with the help of Eclair and all the key players of the industry. The FNCF has already been supporting cinemas since they have closed with procedures on how to regularly test their equipment with the help of their integration company, this test film being the latest additional tool made available to cinemas nationwide.

The “test film”, specially designed by the CST, ensures that an encrypted content has been loaded correctly and then played, that the audio channels have been correctly assigned and that the subtitles are displayed on screen. Its distribution was ensured by Globecast, Eclair Track and Cinego. It is also easily downloadable from the FNCF website and the CST website

Simultaneously, the associated KDMs were sent by Eclair. With more than 7,400 KDM generated (including all cinemas in mainland France and overseas, mobile cinemas as well as screening rooms), this is a unique technical operation responding to an exceptional situation. Never before have so many KDMs been generated for content in France. They will remain unlocked for a period of two years.

For Richard Patry, President of the FNCF: “We are proud to have been able to federate the entire cinema industry around a common project serving the most beautiful fleet of cinemas in the world! ”

For Angelo Cosimano, President of the CST: “True to its mission, the CST mobilizes its skills and expertise to serve theaters and to support them in this unprecedented event. More than ever, the CST must be at the side of cinemas and exhibitors! ”

About the FNCF
The National Federation of French Cinemas is the professional organization which represents every cinema in France.

About the CST
The Superior Technical Commission for Image and Sound (CST) is the first association of French cinemas and audiovisual technicians. Founded in 1944, it promotes the quality of the image technician’s work and the quality of the restitution of the final film for the movie goer.