Scrabble Introduces HeyLED World’s Largest 4K LED Giant Cinema Screen at META Cinema Forum

Scrabble will bring 20m 4K LED giant screen at META Cinema Forum 2022
Dubai, UAE ( October 25, 2022 ) -

Being the official partner of HeyLED in Middle East, Scrabble will bring 20m 4K LED giant screen at META Cinema Forum 2022,  this is the global largest DCI Certificated Cinema LED screen and developed by Timewaying Tech Co., Ltd (Timewaying), a leading technology manufacturer specialising in LED and 3D solutions.

Timewaying launched its first 10m (32ft) wide HeyLED in December 2021. To meet consumer demand for giant screens and and immersive cinematic environments, Timewaying's new HeyLED models extend up to 20 meters (65ft) wide. The new HeyLED variant is 2 times wider and four times the surface area of the first model, delivering an unprecedented immersive, stunning experience to movie-goers.

With high brightness up to 300 nits, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, 16-bit grayscale, and DCI-P3 wide colour gamut, the HeyLED 20m screen is of the highest specification, stronger colour, realism, and depth.

“The future cinemas is not just movies, managing diversification and strengthening technology is essential to the future of cinema. The implementation of our LA4K-20 HeyLED allows exhibitors to create an entertainment destination that can facilitate a truly incomparable cinematic experience, attracting customers beyond their normal reach,” said Andrew Chan, Founder and CEO of Timewaying.

With the high contrast ratio of LED and the black LED screen itself, when a picture with a black background is presented, HeyLED will create an illusion where screen ‘disappears’, making bright pictures even more prominent. Kenny Chow, CTO of Timewaying, added “With the HeyLED 20m giant screen, customers will enjoy a heightened viewing experience with world-class picture quality, enhanced contrast ratio and deep blacks. Our 20m screen ensures moviegoers will experience the best 3D ever seen ahead of “Avatar: The Way of Water”.”

“We are excited to the have the chance to bring such giant LED screen to the exhibitors across Middle East” said Pruthu R. Shah, CEO at Scrabble Entertainment DMCC. “I was deeply impressed by the smooth of LED image and its vivid pictures under 150 nits when I drop by Los Angeles to experience 10m closely. And we look forward to allow the movie-goers in Middle East can experience the blockbuster in this world’s largest LED giant screen.”

About Scrabble Entertainment DMCC
Scrabble Entertainment DMCC (“Scrabble”) is a leading provider of end-to-end Digital Cinema Solution and Content services across India, Middle East and Africa. Established in 2007, Scrabble was the first Digital Cinema Deployment entity doing DCI Complaint rollout in India and Middle East under a VPF program.

About Shenzhen Timewaying Co. Ltd
Founded in 2011, Timewaying is a market-oriented theater technology company. It is a Chinese leader in migrating 3D technology from active 3D technology to a passive technology. Since 2018, the company has stepped from the 3D system stage to the technological innovation stage.

In 2021, Timewaying announce the first HeyLED product; LA2K-10, and obtained the DCI Certification; a major milestone in their development and a promotion of LED technology in China. Redefining the movie-watching experience with the latest LED giant screens to provide moviegoers a more immersive and realistic experience of all scenes, aims to help the cinema industry become more flexible, efficient, and more competitive.