RealD Acquires Tessive As Company Continues Its Quest to Perfect the Visual Experience

Beverly Hills, CA ( July 13, 2016 ) -

RealD has acquired the technology and assets of Tessive, the recognized leader in motion image processing. RealD will use Tessive’s proprietary software to launch RealD TrueMotion, a new production tool with the unparalleled ability to correct imperfections in motion capture, including the “wagon wheel effect” and motion choppiness known as “judder”.

RealD TrueMotion delivers the sharpest and most dramatic motion images available and has already been embraced by leading directors and cinematographers on highly anticipated films.

“For over 10 years RealD has delivered state-of-the-art technology from capture to delivery in order to achieve the best visual experience possible for moviegoing consumers. RealD TrueMotion perfectly complements existing RealD technologies that enhance the overall cinema experience,” said Michael V. Lewis, Founder and Chairman of RealD.

In addition to RealD TrueMotion and RealD TrueImage, which removes defects, noise and artifacts in individual frames and enhances the crispness of the visual image, the company is currently introducing the Ultimate Screen™ to market. During CineEurope last month, exhibitors and studios heralded the way this revolutionary new achievement in engineered screen technology raised the bar for the quality of presentation and the moviegoing experience in both 2D and 3D.

As part of the acquisition, Tessive founder Tony Davis will join RealD as a Senior Scientist working in the company’s Research and Development division. Davis will continue to lead development of the software for a wide variety of potential uses including HDR and VR.

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