QSC Enhances Cinema Automation with New Q-SYS Plugin

QSC's plugin for Q-SYS Ecosystem

New plugin enables Q-SYS to interface with JNIOR models

Costa Mesa, California ( July 12, 2019 ) -

QSC announces a plugin for the Q-SYS Ecosystem that allows users to discover and control any JNIOR models 410, 412, or 414 automation controller, manufactured by INTEG Process Group, Inc.

JNIOR automation devices are commonly used in cinemas around the world for easy and reliable control of masking motors, lighting controllers and auxiliary content sources that can accept or send commands to GPIO interfaces, serial interfaces or relays. This new plugin enables automated theatre functionality within Q-SYS, allows direct interface with a JNIOR controller, and supports the ability to build the JNIORs into the overall automation schemes for a movie theatre.

The Q-SYS JNIOR plugin is available via Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager within Q-SYS Designer Software. Asset Manager is a cloud-based feature that allows system designers to quickly and easily download and install new Q-SYS plugins for third-party devices, without having to wait for new Q-SYS Designer Software releases.

“This is the first in a series of plugins for Q-SYS-enabled cinemas that will expand the scope of what Q-SYS can do to streamline operations and maximize efficiencies,” says Rod Archer, QSC Technical Product Manager.

The Q-SYS JNIOR plugin is compatible with Q-SYS Designer Software version 7.2 and higher, and requires the JNIOR JANOS version 1.8 firmware, Cinema version 3.2.1, and Serial to Ethernet version 6.0. Visit the INTEG Website for product information and documentation.

For more information on Q-SYS Designer Software and to download the latest firmware, please visit: https://www.qsc.com/qds.

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