On the Strength of “Avatar: The Way of Water” and Premium Formats, AMC Theatres Way Outpaces the Same Weekend in Pre-pandemic 2019 on Admissions Revenue and Food & Beverage Revenue – Domestically and Internationally

AMC announced that the company finished ahead on U.S. and global admissions revenue and F&B revenue due to "Avatar: The Way of Water"

Internationally, ODEON Cinemas on Saturday recorded its highest single-day admissions and food and beverage revenue in 2022

Leawood, Kansas ( December 19, 2022 ) -

AMC Theatres (NYSE:AMC and APE), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and the world, today announced that based on the strength of premium formats, and a great desire by moviegoers to return to Pandora via “Avatar: The Way of Water”, the Company finished materially ahead on U.S. and global admissions revenue and food & beverage revenue versus the same weekend in pre-pandemic 2019, which was led by the opening of “Jumanji: the Next Level”.

The groundbreaking, mesmerizing 3D experience led to “Avatar: The Way of Water” being a huge hit in premium formats in the United States. Tickets sold in RealD 3D and Premium Large Formats like Dolby Cinema at AMC, IMAX at AMC, and PRIME at AMC made up more than 70% of all box office gross to the movie at AMC.

Overseas, the movie played strong all weekend, but particularly on Saturday, when Saturday, AMC’s ODEON Cinemas enjoyed its highest admissions revenue and food & beverage revenue for a single day in 2022.

AMC Chairman and CEO Adam Aron Commented:

“At AMC, we’re greatly encouraged to see our revenues soar on the opening weekend of “Avatar: The Way of Water”. James Cameron has done it again with a masterpiece of a film that generated revenues at AMC and ODEON Cinemas that were materially ahead of pre-pandemic 2019. “Avatar: The Way of Water” demands to be seen on the biggest screens, with the loudest sounds in the most comfortable seats imaginable. Not only that, but I’d recommend seeing it in one of our premium formats like IMAX at AMC, Dolby at AMC or PRIME at AMC, Laser at AMC, and seeing it in the visually stunning 3D. The film is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. All of us at AMC and Odeon extend our eternal thanks to James Cameron for the brilliance of his vision, and to all our friends at Disney for their tireless efforts to make this remarkable and immersive film. I’ve already seen it twice this past weekend, and I can’t wait to go see it again.”

Tickets for “Avatar: The Way of Water” are on sale through the holidays at all AMC locations in the United States. Moviegoers can visit amctheatres.com or use the AMC mobile app to see showtimes and purchase tickets.

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