National Independent Cinema Day

Independent Cinema Alliance

Moviegoers encouraged to support local cinemas on January 18th

Dallas, Texas ( January 9, 2020 ) -

The Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA) is excited to announce the inaugural “Independent Cinema Day” on Saturday, January 18, 2020. This exciting new social holiday is an opportunity for moviegoers nationwide to support their local independent cinema.

The ICA is a trade association dedicated to providing a public voice that promotes the importance of independent cinemas as a valuable and necessary part of a healthy and vibrant motion picture industry.

“Our goal is to bring awareness and educate consumers on the importance of supporting local, independently owned movie theaters in their communities,” said Rich Daughtridge, President and CEO of Warehouse Cinemas and ICA Marketing Committee Chair. “These cinemas in small towns and large cities alike are critical to the health of the cinema industry, especially now, with the many entertainment choices available to entertainment consumers.”.

Launched as part of the ICA’s “Love Local Cinema” campaign, Independent Cinema Day will highlight the importance of independent movie theaters to the economic vitality and cultural vibrancy of our communities. Across the country, independent cinemas are encouraging their local communities to catch a movie on Saturday, January 18th and share their experience on social media. Guests who attend are encouraged to take pictures and post to their preferred social media channels using the hashtags #lovelocalcinema and #independentcinemaday.

“Independent cinemas constitute approximately 20% of North America’s theatrical box office revenue, and we believe they are a vitally important segment of the industry,” said Bill Campbell, President and CEO of Orpheum Theatre and ICA Chairman. “Our hope is that through this campaign, moviegoers will recognize their personal role in supporting this vital segment of their local economy.”

About ICA
The ICA a not-for-profit, volunteer alliance of independent cinemas operating in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Theatres operated by alliance member’s range in size from single screen venues in small towns to multiplexes in larger cities. Currently there are 140 member companies representing more than 2,000 screens sharing one common goal….to collectively provide a public voice that promotes the importance of Independent cinemas as a valuable and necessary part of a healthy and vibrant motion picture industry. For more information, go to