MAG Cinema Launches New Model Line at CineEurope

MAG Cinema
Kiev, Ukraine ( June 27, 2019 ) -

MAG Cinema, the largest speaker manufacturer in Eastern Europe, presented its new speaker model range at CineEurope 2019.

New solutions include 400 series for small to mid-sized halls, three next generation screen speakers for mid-sized and large halls, and complete surround series with uniform appearance.

The 400 series, including two screen speakers, a subwoofer and a surround speaker, was created as a perfect solution for small and mid-sized halls:

  • Super-light moving systems assist in energy-efficient sound reproduction, while reliability and rigidness is ensured by using modern advanced materials and strict quality control procedures.
  • Transducer magnet systems are made with high quality steel and magnet materials obtained from hand-picked suppliers, with their designs thoroughly optimized for effective cooling, lesser weight and costs.
  • 400 series are designed for maximum responsibility and sensitivity. This brings the necessary amplifier power rating down along with total project costs.
  • Reduced environmental footprint is achieved thanks to less power required to run the system, and lower additional costs for cooling.
  • Speaker packaging dimensions were deliberately adjusted as a perfect match for current shipping standard, further reducing project costs.
  • The update surround speaker line has received a uniform sleek look, making them a perfect fit for modern hall interiors. Wide range of power ratings and impedance options allow for optimal amplification for each room.

    Brand-new screen systems feature renowned MAG Cinema sound quality, while rigorous component optimization made possible to achieve great sensitivity for better usage of power amplifiers and lower exploitation costs.

    The new surround speaker line and the 400 series is available for shipping on August. The new screen speaker models starting in October 2019.

    About MAG Cinema

    MAG Audio (Cinema) is the largest speaker manufacturer in Eastern Europe.

    Since its creation in 1991, MAG Audio has been renowned for producing reliable world-class loudspeaker systems and professional drivers.

    MAG exclusively uses its own speaker technology and quality components in the design process to attain the highest cinema sound standards.

    The MAG Cinema division is dedicated entirely to the cinema sound business and offers a wide range of speakers adapted to any room size or immersive sound application.

    100% made in Europe, MAG Cinema’s products come with outstanding and powerful sound quality, a 7-year hardware warranty, reliability, an incomparable price-performance ratio, Dolby Atmos compatibility, original transducer technology, flexible and short turnaround times

    MAG Audio (Cinema) is headquartered in Bila Tserkva (Kiev – Ukraine).

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