Landmark Cinemas Engages Energy Advantage to Reduce its Energy & Sustainability Costs by 20%

Burlington, Ontario ( May 11, 2016 ) -

Landmark Cinemas Inc. a leading movie theatre chain that operates 46 theatres across 6 regions of Canada, has engaged Energy Advantage Inc. to implement a variety of strategies to drive tangible results in the areas of Energy and Sustainability (E&S).

Neil Campbell, President and CEO of Landmark Cinemas states, “Energy Advantage helped us to identify the magnitude of the cost savings available by focusing on Energy & Sustainability. EA provides us with a world class energy & sustainability department at an affordable price and will have a tremendous impact on helping Landmark increase our bottom line moving forward”.
As an out-sourced energy and sustainability manager, Energy Advantage sits on the client’s side of the table, ensuring best results are achieved by selecting the right actions, in the right order, with the right partners & suppliers.  To achieve material results in year 1 Landmark will implement improved energy procurement practices, outsource certain routine services and complete rigorous testing and evaluation of promising energy savings technologies. A toolkit will be developed to ensure theatre operations staff run the sites as efficiently as possible.
As new and innovative technologies become available Energy Advantage will be assisting Landmark to select the best options and to complete thorough, independent analysis to ensure that the promised results are achieved. These initiatives are a direct result of Energy Advantage first completing an in-depth Total Energy and Environmental Management (or TEEM) Assessment for Landmark.


The TEEM Assessment is a tool for senior management to evaluate the performance of all key systems and processes of the company as they relate to energy and sustainability. The assessment helped Landmark establish an overall E&S strategy and identified potential savings of approximately 20%, with many low cost opportunities for immediate action.

Energy Advantage Inc. is a North American Leader in providing Total Energy and Sustainability Management Services to clients in the USA and Canada since 1996. EA is not affiliated with any Energy or Sustainability service provider or product vendor. This allows EA to be a completely independent and unbiased advisor when helping identify the best opportunities specific to their client’ circumstances and needs, resulting in the greatest return.