CJ Cinema Property Update – Thursday 8 June 2017

Germany: Kmap-Lintfort on track Japan: first Kid’s screen & ScreenX Canada: Fort McMurray’s Landmark UK: Liverpool Everyman, Montrose competition, St Enoch 24-hour licence, South Ruislip Cineworld, Haverfordwest withdrawal New Zealand: Palmerston Focal delayed USA: Rialto luxury-plex China: CHAO film club Finally:…

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 11 May 2016

Alibaba signs deal with Dadi, PPB expands in Vietnam, Angry Arabic Birds, Webedia buys Tixos, Cliff Marks President of NCM, Landmark cut energy, Coke brings Overwatch to Vue, Aurora jury selected, and music videos in 35mm….

Daily Cinema Digest – Friday 3 October 2014

RealD shares debuted at USD $16 when the company first went public but are now languishing at less than ten dollars, so this unsolicited take-over bid should not come as a surprise. RealD Inc. (RLD), the supplier of 3-D technology…

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