IMAX Reveals 2025 Filmed for IMAX Slate at Cannes Film Festival

Rich Gelfond, CEO (IMAX), says "IMAX is becoming as much about excellence in production as it is presentation of the biggest blockbuster filmmaking"

A Record of at Least Fourteen Hollywood and International Releases Shot with IMAX Cameras Set to Hit the IMAX Global Platform Next Year

Cannes, France ( May 16, 2024 ) -

Following the historic success of Filmed for IMAX releases “Oppenheimer” and “Dune: Part Two”, IMAX today announced an unprecedented Filmed for IMAX slate for 2025 — including at least 14 releases currently shooting with IMAX film or IMAX-certified digital cameras.

The slate represents the biggest offering of Filmed for IMAX releases ever in a single calendar year — more than double any previous year — as filmmakers and studios from Hollywood and international territories increasingly create for the IMAX platform.

2025 Filmed for IMAX Slate

  • “Captain America: Brave New World” (Disney/Marvel), Feb 15
  • Untitled Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan film (WB), Mar 7
  • “Thunderbolts*” (Disney/Marvel), May 2
  • “Flowervale Street” (WB), May 16
  • “Mission: Impossible 8” (Paramount), May 23
  • “How To Train Your Dragon” (Universal), Jun 13
  • “Untitled Formula One” (Apple/Distributor TBC), Jun 27
  • “Superman: Legacy” (WB/DC), Jul 11
  • “The Fantastic Four” (Disney/Marvel), Jul 25
  • “Mercy” (MGM/Amazon), Aug 15
  • “The Bride!” (WB), Oct 3
  • “TRON: Ares” (Disney), Oct 10
  • “Blade” (Disney/Marvel), Nov 7
  • Chinese New Year, title TBC, w/o Jan 29
  • “As more of the world’s best filmmakers create specifically for our platform, IMAX is becoming as much about excellence in production as it is presentation of the biggest blockbuster filmmaking,” said Rich Gelfond, CEO of IMAX. “Quite simply, audiences get that if you see a movie Filmed for IMAX in IMAX, you’re getting the best, most immersive cinematic experience money can buy, which is why we’re driving a huge share of the global box office on these titles.”

    The increase in IMAX-focused production follows a run of historic success for Filmed for IMAX titles, as IMAX drives outsized returns at the global box office despite its nearly 1,700 commercial locations accounting for less than 1% of total screens worldwide.

  • IMAX delivered 20% of the global box office for “Oppenheimer” — shot entirely with IMAX film cameras — and more than $190 million worldwide, making it the fifth highest grossing IMAX film of all time.
  • IMAX delivered 21% of the global box office for “Dune: Part Two” — shot entirely with IMAX-certified digital cameras — and over $145 million worldwide, making it the seventh highest grossing IMAX film of all time
  • IMAX delivered 5.9% of the Domestic Box Office in the first quarter of 2024 — the Company’s highest quarterly market share ever in North America — and 3.4% of Global Box Office.
  • Next-Generation IMAX 15/65mm Film Cameras

    To meet growing demand among filmmakers to shoot in IMAX, the Company is developing and finalizing the rollout of four next-generation IMAX 15/65mm film cameras:

  • IMAX is currently finalizing the prototype design and is on track to beta test early prototypes by August 2024.
  • IMAX expects the new cameras to enter production by the end of 2024.
  • The new cameras will offer spectacular image quality while incorporating a more modern design, features, and functionality and reduced noise by 30%.
  • IMAX has tapped some of the world’s most accomplished filmmakers and cinematographers — including Christopher Nolan, Jordan Peele, and Hoyte van Hoytema — to identify new specs and features for the prototype.
  • IMAX currently has nine original IMAX 15/65mm film cameras in its existing fleet.
  • In addition, many of today’s top filmmakers embrace the IMAX platform working with IMAX-certified digital cameras:
  • – Joseph Kosinski (“Top Gun: Maverick”) is currently shooting his forthcoming Formula One film with Director of Photography (DP) Claudio Miranda.

    – Todd Phillips shot “Joker: Folie à Deux” with IMAX-certified digital cameras and will also prepare a select run of the movie in 70mm IMAX film.

    – Christopher McQuarrie and DP Fraser Taggart are shooting the eight installment of “Mission: Impossible) with IMAX-certified digital cameras, ahead of the movie receiving a three-week run in IMAX.

    – Denis Villeneuve and DP Greig Fraser shot the entirety of “Dune: Part Two” with IMAX-certified digital cameras in IMAX-exclusive expanded aspect ratio.

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